That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 16

Blessed is the Mind too Small for Doubt

PRESENT: Oric, Rook, Sam, Vultus, Zharko

1.75 days of trial prep remain
0.25 days until ‘the replacement’
Vultus: 1 hold
Rook: 2 hold (1xp to vultus if you use hold gained from vultus’ failure)

The group arrives at the meeting house that isn’t specially marked that Zharko found out about last night. it sounds like there are 5 or 6 people inside. Oric heads over to the side of the building and sees if he can sneak in through there. Vultus waits outside the front with Rook and Sam for the ‘go noise’ so the group knows when to raid. Zharko says he can cast an invisibility spell on Oric to help him sneak in, but warns him that it will wear off if he tries to attack anybody.

He casts successfully, but is unable to cast the spell again, at least for a while. Oric sees strange shadows moving through the walls and into buildings, and he himself looks misty. He uses his lockpick set to pick the lock on the side door. He makes a bit of noise opening the door, but is able to spot the wire attached to the door before he opens it all the way. The clicking noise the door makes alerts the people inside, though. One person asks what that noise were and Vultus decides to spring into action by… fake arresting Zharko! He says “go with it” and roughly shoves Zharko to the ground. Zharko tries to get out of the way but trips and runs into the side of the building they’re staking out. People quickly come to the front door to see what is going on outside. Zharko starts yelling about being wrongly accused and two of the people come out of the house to try and break up… whatever is going on here.

Oric disables the wire with a set of snips he has. Good for him, because those would have set off a pair of crossbows pointed at the door! As he walks into the kitchen area, he assesses the situation. There are three people in the living room and the two that just went outside. The two that went outside are normally dressed, but the three inside are wearing guard uniforms. Oric makes his way carefully past the ‘guardsmen.’ There are two sets of guard armor and weapons in a side room. Also hanging from one nightstand are five bronze medallions with a red handprint on them. Since Griff isn’t here, Oric moves to plan B and gets his poison ready so he can knock out one of the people. He succeeds in doing so and thus dispels his invisibility. The other two men in the room see their friend fall to the floor in a heap and suddenly a man with a needle in his hand is standing over him! “Who are you and how did you get in here!?” one asks. Oric shouts ‘Heretic!’ which apparently is the ‘go loud’ signal.

Rook enchants Sam’s bow so that her arrows fly faster and hit harder. Vultus pushes the one closest out of the way and sam lands two shots on two targets, wounding both quite badly. The initial target charges Vultus and he stands prepared to hit it right back. Confident that his god is backing him, Vultus finds that he broke his vow of truth by declaring that he was arresting the wizard. He is sent sprawling and lands on top of zharko

Inside, Oric is having much better luck. He hucks a knife at one of The Crimson Hand guys and kills him outright. The non-dead and non-sleeping guy in the room throws a dagger towards Oric. Rook casts magic missile in an attempt to knock it out of the way. the aim was true but the angle was wonky, sending the dagger into Oric’s leg.

One man outside is trying to slash at Vultus/Zharko! Zharko quickfires a magic missile at him and gets a solid hit. The first missile pierces his armor and the second hits the same spot and bursts inside of him, killing him instantly. Vultus comes up to the one approaching him and tries to bash him with his shield. He is successful at sweeping the man off his feet, but the shield cracks in the process.

The guy inside who hit Oric with that throwing dagger (nobody tell him he had help!) feels confident enough to stride up and just try to cut Oric down. Oric parries the blow upwards and then cuts the man down using a quick flourish of his dagger.

Now the only one left inside is all asleep-like! Oric hands Sam the amulets he found and tells her that maybe she should bring these to the guardhouse so that the guards know what to be on the lookout for to identify infiltrators. She brings those and tells them that the attack will happen at midday at a less used gate to town.

Oric prepares to interrogate the captive while Vultus meditates in the corner of the room.

1.5 days of trial prep remain
3 hours until ‘the replacement’

Vultus drags the corpses inside and Oric and Zharko prepare to… question the man. Zharko casts charm person on the prisoner before the interrogation begins. The man awakens and begins trying to bargain with Zharko to get him to let his old buddy out of these ropes! He can put in a good word with the boss! Oric holds a dagger to the man’s throat and asks where Griff is. The man denies any involvement in that process. Oric pushes harder and draws some blood from the man’s throat. The prisoner says if the guy that was taken was valuable, he’d be kept outside of town. He refuses to say more. Oric threatens him and the man says “nothing you can do is worse than what he would do. Do what you need to.” Zharko casts his cause fear spell on the chair that the man is tied to. The spell is cast successfully, but in his panic the man begins shouting loudly enough to be heard from outside. Some passing townsfolk hear the noise and run off to get help.

Without the promise of any more information, Vultus cuts the man’s head off and puts it in a bag to bring with them for the purpose of using Zharko’s speak with dead spell tomorrow on it. They second guess the plan since the attack is happening in like two hours, and then put the head back down and get out.

They sneak out of the side exit and get about half a block away before they hear the sound of boots kicking in a door in the distance.

1.25 days of trial prep remain
>1 hours until ‘the replacement’

End Of Session:

V: Z isn’t as far gone as I thought. I should endeavour to redeem him. He may be brought into the fold in time.
R: B has proven that he is is a danger to himself and others. I will keep them safe from him.
S: B is no longer in my debt, and must prove himself worthy of my further assistance.
O: CREATE: R’s reckless use of magic is dangerous. -— ???
Z: O has earned my trust and I will assist him however I can in the fight against the crimson hand.
Z: CREATE: V embodies the worst aspects of his god. he must change or be made to change.

Vultus: 7 (3 fail, 1 bond, 1 alignment, 1 important thing, 1 notable enemy)
Rook: 5 (1 fail, 1 bond, 1 alignment, 1 important thing, 1 notable enemy)
Zharko: 4 (1 fail, 1 bond, 1 alignment, 1 important thing)
Bill: 2 (1 important thing, 1 notable enemy)
Oric: 2 (1 alignment, 1 important thing)
Sam: 2 (1 bond, 1 important thing)



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