That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 17

Ballad of Craigory

PRESENT: Vultus, Oric, Rook, Sam, Zharko

The party is headed to the town gates!
On the way, Rook sees some ‘guards’ handing parcels off to some ‘citizens’ along with the quick muttering of a few words.
Vultus comes up and accosts one of the recipients while Oric sneaks around behind him and steals the package. The party lets the guy go and then heads to a quiet corner to see what the fuss is about.

Inside the bundle is a small leather pouch. In the pouch is a rolled up paper with a map of the town (along with some symbols and arrows), a serrated dagger and two vials of liquid.
One is a swirly brownish green color and the other is a milky white color.
A quick whiff in combination with what he knows about the general color of poisons allows Oric to deduce that the white almond smelling liquid is most likely a paralytic that quickly stops the heart.
Investigation of the viscosity and coloration of the greenish liquid shows him that this is an applied poison that would work best if put in food or on a weapon or something like that.

ORIC gains serrated dagger, 1x Paralytic toxin (wht) and 1x Food poison (grn)

Sam rushes off with the attack plans and heads to the guard hq. The rest of the party heads to the walls. At about the midway spot between the two gates, Rook asks Foz for guidance and wishes to be led to the site of glorious battle. After a few moments of hesitation the floating axe points towards the side gate down to the south. The prayer and subsequent floating sign grab him some unwanted attention, though. Unbeknownst to the party, they are being watched from a nearby alleyway.

Rook heads to the south gate
Sam is headed to the guard hq
Oric is headed to the south gate and wants to wait outside of the gate
Vultus is headed to the main gate
Zharko is headed to the south gate

Sam reaches the guard hq and talks to a man sitting behind one of the desks. He seems awkward and fidgety. Sam hands over the information and the man acts as if he already knows the stuff on there. Sam is increasingly suspicious of this man and asks him to identify himself. He tells her that he is Craigory, ‘the boss guard of the guard house.’ Sam leaves after giving him the information and the map and hangs out outside of the building, expecting him to leave and possibly meet with a co conspirator. Five minutes pass and there’s still no sign of the man. She goes in through a back entrance and tries to find Craigory. Sam asks around and a guard said that the new guy was watching the desk for a while, but he said he was headed to the roof to do a perimeter check. The guard also said that ‘Craigory’ told her that his name was Maxwell. Some guards are sent to check the roof and Sam heads out towards the front gate.

As she is walking out and crossing the bridge connecting the guard island to the rest of the city, she hears commotion on the roof. There are the telltale sounds of people fighting and the sound of something being lit. From where she stands Sam can see Craigory holding a tube into the air and trying to light it with the torch. Sam quickly readies her bow and fires an arrow in Craigory’s direction. The arrow hits his hand and he drops the torch. He curses loudly, picks it back up, and tries to light the tube again when he is tackled from the side by one of the guards who came to the roof to find him. Both people sail over the edge and land with a wet thump on the rocky ground several stories below. Craigory landed on the other guard and is somewhat less catastrophically hurt. He steadies his shaky hands with the last bit of energy he has in him and tries to light the tube again. She fires another arrow and this one goes into his head. The hands go slack, the tube rolls into the water, and the torch rolls back towards the two corpses and sets them alight.

She runs off to help out at the front gate and on her way across the bridge two guards appear on the far end and ready their weapons to stop her. A shout from the rooftop tells them to let her through and they do so.

Back at the front gate: Vultus is gathering as many nearby guards as he can. Only one is a recent recruit. He tells one of the more veteran guards to keep an eye on him and kill him if needed. Figures start emerging from the nearby woods. Vultus climbs up to the top of the wall to get a better view. The figures are wearing various black outfits, and each have a red handprint on their chests. No weapons are drawn. They just stand and stare.

At the side gate: A similar gathering is occurring here, but to a much greater degree. 60 or so people are at this gate, compared to the 30-40 at the main gate. They’re gathered about 200 feet away from the front gate and are also staring. Rook wants to use Cause Fear on the crowd but is too far away, so he has the guards open the gate so that he can go out and walk towards the crowd.

Rook is out there standing defiantly and Oric is trying is best to hide in some nearby bushes so he can observe without being seen. Luckily for Oric, the bush he picked is a great hiding spot! Unfortunately for him, the bush is currently inhabited by some angry stinging insects. He takes some of his sleeping poison into his mouth and spits it out on the bees.

Oric -1 use of Oil of Tagit

As Rook strides out towards the gathered crowd, the gaze of the gathered forces shifts to him. He addresses the crowd, tells him he’s a big fan of the gods, and to prove that they’re real, he will be doing some magic. He then promptly fails that roll so all of the gathered folks laugh at him (1xp rook)

The group gathered parts and allows two plate-mailed soldiers to march up and as they part, a skeletal metallic man is revealed. He walks up to rook and says “are you the representative?”. Rook says that he is, and the man asks where ‘*Cassile*’ is. Rook combs through his accumulated knowledge, but draws a complete blank on the name (1 xp rook)

Rook turns around and shouts up to Zharko to ask what he knows about these guys and Zharko is reminded of a book he read about a race called the warforged, but they aren’t supposed to have existed for at least the past thousand years.

Some banter is exchanged between rook and the metal being that identifies itself as The Crimson Sigil. Rook tires of it and shoots at it with a magic missile. The missiles are caught out of the air and crushed by the robot. Zharko pulls out the wand of cloudkill and casts it over the area outside of the wall. In response, The Crimson Sigil extends the sharp and serrated blades built into his arms. It nods in the direction of the two guards that flanked it and they pull a chain on their tube pikes and they fire red flares into the air.

Zharko -1 use of Cloudkill on wand



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