That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 19

Unhand Me at Once!

PRESENT: Bill, Vultus, Rook, Oric, Zharko, Sam

Bill kicks out as hard as he can and lands a solid hit directly on Vultus’ knee, kicking his leg out from under him. Vultus gets back to his feet and lops Bill’s non-dominant hand off.

Rook continues to follow after the crimson sigil. He heals himself and then takes another swing at the robot, saying he can do this all day if needed.

The guards come to escort bill to prison. Again. Vultus follows to assist as needed and then plans to leave and get his knee looked at. One of the guards offers to help shoulder some of Vultus’ weight so that he can walk easier, but he refuses. The two adventurers and the guards all head back to the guard hq to re-imprison Bill

Sam, armed with some new information about the direction of retreat that the east wall invaders took, heads to the guard house as well to spread the word.

Oric is still sneaking through the woods to follow The Crimson Sigil and Rook. Rook is continuing to berate The Crimson Sigil and tell it that the gods DO exist and that if they didn’t, how could rook heal himself like this? The crimson sigil responds. “I think you misunderstand my position. I met the gods before they were gods. I knew them. They were foolhardy then, and are more foolhardy now. They were reckless then and are more reckless now. They put others in danger then, and caused such terrible damage to this world after attaining their godhood that millions died. And for what? For a petty squabble that doesn’t involve us but takes place in our homes? Why are these things worth worship? Why are they worth devotion? They feed off of you and the enegry of your faith and give you little to nothing in return.”

Oric attempts to study the crimson sigil’s movements in order to see if he can determine a weakness that isn’t immediately obvious. While looking for something in the area that would be valuable to him, he spots some berry bushes that he can use to fashion a sort of knockout/real bad poop time poison. He looks to see if anything is not what it appears to be. The left shoulder’s metal armor parts seem to be pock marked and weaker than the rest of him. When trying to determine what he should be on the lookout for, he notices that in the distance he can hear the crackling of a campfire in the distance and some low talking. He feels that he should be wary of the gathering of people that is making that noise. The Crimson Sigil’s torso turns the right way round again and then takes a sharp right turn down a well-worn path that goes for a few hundred feet and ends in a clearing.

Zharko, after not seeing any sign of Oric or Rook for a while, decides to go look for the rest of the party. There’s nobody at the gate when he arrives, but he does see a green hand on the ground with blood stains leading in the direction of the guard hq. He goes that way.

Everyone aside from Oric and Rook are in the guard hq for a ‘happy’ reunion!

Rook is still taking swings at this thing. He’s scuffed up and lightly dented the arm armor, but nothing substantial. He is at a loss for what to do in this situation, as he isn’t doing much damage to this thing. He looks skyward ans asks what Foz would have him do. The floating axe initially points towards the camp and then after a moment or two it points back the direction that rook came from. The Crimson Sigil says “I’m not sure what answers you seek, but i’ve given you a gift today and it would be foolish to squander it.” Rook says he hopes The Crimson Sigil likes skeletons, and that he’s going to go work on gathering his forces. He heads back to town and plans to find Zharko so that they can find a way to kill this unholy abomination.

Oric pocketed some of those berries and continues to follow the two as they march through the woods


After Rook breaks off and heads back Oric keeps following The Crimson Sigil. Once they arrive at the camp, he’s going to look around and see if he can find his cousin. He sizes up the situation to see where would be the best place to investigate (1f xp oric). He heads into the wrong tent and sees a strategy meeting happening. He backs out before anyone in there can see him and bumps into two people. One of them he remembers from his time working with The Crimson Hand long ago. The man says ‘Ah, Oric. You again. You’re coming with us. This is not a request’ and the other person pushes a dagger up against Oric’s back. Oric deftly steals the dagger and the other man looks like he’s about to hit Oric. Oric strikes out in an attempt to sink the stolen blade into the man’s arm (1f xp oric). The attack is parried and Oric catches an elbow to the head. His vision swims and once he regains himself a bit he hears a familiar voice. “Oric, stop all this. Come sit down and we’ll talk.” Oric sees his mother and father motioning for him to come to a nearby tent.

End of Session
Rook – 1 alignment, 1important thing, 2 fail – 4 total XP
Oric – 1 alignment, 1important thing, 2 fail – 4 total XP
Vultus – 1 alignment, 1important thing, 1 fail – 3 total XP
Zharko – 1important thing, – 1 total XP
Sam – 1important thing, – 1 total XP
Bill – 1important thing, 1 fail – 2 total XP



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