That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 20

Lawful in the Streets, Chaotic in the Sheets

PRESENT: Rook, Oric, Sam, Vultus, Zharko

Oric is led into a tent by his parents. They tell the two Crimson Hand members that accosted him to leave. Dad peeks his head into the tent to make sure that it’s clear and then motions for Oric and mom to come in. Inside the tent is a small oil-burning candle on a table with four chairs around it. They all sit down at the table and mom asks if he is here to join and be on the right side of this battle. Oric says that he thought his parents were dead. They say they thought they were dead too when everything happened. They were abducted in the night and brought before a strange metal man who held a blade to their throats and then said that they would be of more use to him alive, so he let them live.

Dad says “I know you have some checkered history with The Crimson Hand, but unless something drastic happens they will be tearing through this town and the people in it. Even if you don’t agree with their methods, it may be in your best interest to be on their side?” Oric says that they’re a bunch of cultist whackjobs and even if this town falls, there are other towns he can go to. They ask if he’s come across the amulet that the crimson sigil has been looking for and oric says no. He asks them what it even looks like and they say they have no clue and aren’t even sure that The Crimson Sigil remembers at this point. They were told that if the amulet was brought back that they’d be able to go free, though. Oric asks why they don’t just leave when they have the chance. They tell him that they’ve tried before and were always caught relatively quickly. He says in the confusion that will likely be occuring in the next few days, they should sneak out. He then gives them directions to a peaceful town to the south (Foldvine).

They ask if Oric is planning to head there now to avoid the fighting or what his plan is. He says he’s here looking for his cousin, to which they seem a bit confused. He is very suspicious because of this and assesses the situation at hand. His suspicions are confirmed when he realizes for sure that these people are NOT his parents. Their skin seems odd and almost ill-fitting. As he thinks about what could be useful to him in this scenario, he remembers seeing a tent a bit further off with a more concentrated guard presence around it than the others and hears the clanking of chains off in that direction. He also focuses to check for any traps or dangers he should be wary of. The conversation had him almost distracted enough to not notice the approaching footsteps behind him. Also, there are doughy pink fingers trying to wrap their way around his neck. He turns around and the figure he sees looks like the changeling he saw as it turned into a crocogator.

Oric stabs the arm with a poison needle and dives over the table, knocking over the oil lamp in the process. The oil from the lantern begins to pool on the grass. Oric looks at the thing and sees a little patch around the needle that looks to be the same color as his skin. His “parents” stand up and begin to hiss. Their skin does a strange ripple and they turn into a strange mix of his parents and the pink dough thing. Oric flips the table over and cuts a hole into the tent wall and runs out. His exit point leads him out towards the forest and away from the clanking chain tent with the guards.

Once in the woods, Oric cuts around the side of the camp to make his way towards the tent he thinks has Griff in it. He is ducking from tent to tent and as he gets close, he hears one of the people near the tent say that there’s a fire breaking out in one of the tents, and sends them to go check it out. There is a shrieking sound coming from inside the tent and one of the pink figures emerges and is wreathed in flames. The guards are reacting negatively to the fire, but not to the pink people, so these…things seem normal enough to them? Anyway Oric comes up to the one remaining guard outside of the tent and pricks him with the sleeping poison. He picks the guards pockets and finds a strangely shaped key made of bone and then heads into the tent.

Inside there is a bound and hooded figure with a missing leg below the knee. Also in the tent is a guard sleeping at a table with a spilled flagon of ale and a locked chest. Oric takes the hood off of the prisoner and hey it’s Griff! His hands are chained together and it looks like he got the crap beaten out of him. His eyes are swollen and his face is bruised and purple. Oric tells Griff to be quiet and then takes a vial of the red fluid he obtained from The Undertrails and uncorks it and has Griff drink it.

Griff’s bruises start to fade, his eye unswells slightly, and the seems to be breathing easier. Before opening the chest Oric checks it for traps_ (1f xp oric)._ He doesn’t SEE any traps so he pops the key in and opens the chest. Inside is a prosthetic leg and a tube that appears to be made of bone and is resting inside of a specially knit cloth sleeve. Griff stops to ask and make sure that Oric is really Oric, saying that Oric’s parents have been kicking his ass for the past few days. He assures him that he’s the real Oric, helps him up, and puts Griff’s arm over his shoulder to help bear some of his weight on their way out of the camp, hopefully quietly. Nope! (1f xp oric). Griff trips and swings out with an arm to steady himself and ends up stabbing Oric. They regain their footing after Oric tends to his leg wound and as they start up again, in the distance they can hear “The prisoner’s escaped! Find him!”

They soldier on into the forest and a little while later come to a clearing that they think at first is safe. A man wearing a town guard uniform walks up and pulls his sword out. He tells Oric and Griff that they are not allowed to leave. Oric realizes that his choices at the moment are to let Griff fight the man, or he can fight the guard on his own. He sends Griff on his way and tells him to head towards town and then hucks a dagger at the guard. The throw is good and the guard is hit right in his big dumb head. He stumbles momentarily and then charges Oric with his sword held high above his head. Oric sidesteps quickly and then disarms the guard and trips him. He uses the stolen sword and plunges it into the guard’s back and kills him. He takes his dagger out of the man’s head and disappears into the woods with Griff.

Half an hour later they arrive at the town gates. The guards draw their weapons and demand to know what they were doing outside of town. Oric explains the situation and asks Griff if he recognizes any of the guards. He points out one (named Tomas) and says that he owes him some coin. Griff shouts out to the guard about the coin that he is owed and the guard tells them they can come in. A medic comes up to check on them and tends to Griff. Once he is stabilized, he asks Oric if he needs any help and motions to his bleeding leg. The medic applies some bandages and a gross-smelling ointment to the wound and it doesn’t actually seem to do a whole lot, save for making his leg smell awful. One of the guards tells Oric that his friends are in the prison with “that escaped murderer that we re-captured” and before he can head over that way he hears pained screaming coming from Griff. All of a sudden it seems like his wounds are coming back and his bruises reappear and his eye swells back up.

Rook leveled up! Hooray! Anyway he is a bit shaken by the recent fight and decides to seek out the heaviest hitters he knows (Vultus, Bill, and Zharko). He hears from some people in town that the green murderer escaped for a while but was then recaptured by the burned man. He heads to the prison

Bill is passed out from blood loss. He is brought to a medical room where his stump is quickly cauterized. The group hears a scream and then a thud as he collapses onto the table. He’s then tossed back into solitary. This time the cell is reinforced and there are more guards posted. Rook places his healing hands on Vultus and attempts to fix his wounded knee to moderate success. The wound isn’t totally healed but it’s looking much better than it was.

Zharko and Rook discuss* The Crimson Sigil* and how he was immune to magic that they used against him and how that troubles them. Zharko remembers that he found a green hand and brought it with him and asks if anyone can reattach it to Bill. Rook tries but is entirely unsuccessful (1f xp rook) due to the whole ‘cauterized arm stump’ thing.

A guard comes up and talks with the group about the recent happenings in town and talks about how the rule of law needs to be enforced, regardless of the crazy stuff happening. There is general agreement that justice needs to be carried out, regardless of how the party feels about the person on trial.



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