That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 21

Sir, your Lawyer is Inebriated

The party is talking to the town guard who volunteers his services as a witness, mentioning that he has a lady he’d really like to impress with ‘good words.’ They tell him that they’ll keep it in mind.

Oric tells Rook about his trip to the enemy camp and the changelings that he came across. He also told him that the rest of the people in camp seemed unfazed by the blob monsters and could be dangerous. Sam also chimes in and tells the group about the issues that occurred with Craigory and the whole ‘infiltration’ thing that was going on with the tubes and the fighting and the corpse fire. At the mention of a tube, Oric tells the group about the tube he recovered from the camp.

He shows the party the bone tube. It is shorter than the metal tubes used by The Crimson Hand and has a spot near one end where things can be inserted. Zharko turns his knowledgeable eye to the tube and notices it looks like a rather old blowgun design. Wizards would on occasion enchant items like this to have certain attributes, if the price was right. The easiest way to determine what the enchantment on the item is would be to use the blowgun on something/someone. Sam volunteers to try using it first, and Oric suggests they just put a projectile in and let it fall out to see what it does

Vultus takes time and prays for guidance to see what in the area is evil. Zharko pings his senses, as does the general location of the prisoner wing. Also, there is some residual evil on the tube, as if the bone came from an evil person.

Rook asks the guard if he’s seen anyone out of the ordinary or weird creatures. He says that what with the town being threatened with annihilation, everyone’s been acting strangely. Rook also asks how many people are available for town defense and he is told that there are maybe 30 guards that are healthy and fight capable.

He tells the group that his shift is ending soon and asks if they want to all go to the tavern and get a drink. Zharko enthusiastically says yes, and the others come as well with varying degrees of reluctance. Before they leave Oric asks Rook to heal him and he does so but the casting goes awry and Rook takes the damage onto himself. _. Vultus then comes up to try and heal Rook. (1f xp v)_. He rubs his hands and puts them on Rook but nothing happens.

The guard introduces himself as Solomon on the way to the bar. Sam gets hit on by a few sleazy bar patrons. Once she rebuffs them one moves on to generally trying to hit on the whole group and see if anyone wants to buy him a drink or take him back home with them. He is encouraged to leave and does so. On the way out, he puts a dented coin on the table and asks them not to tell his wife.

Zharko casts his detect magic skill but doesn’t detect anything magical outside of the expected things (his wand, something in Oric’s backpack, holy symbols on the religious dudes). ANYWAY the coin’s not magical. He picks it up and hands it to Vultus, who crushes it in his big strong manly hand.

Zharko buys everyone a round and then Vultus buys a few more rounds for the group. Oric sneaks out at some point and heads back home to finally look into his dad’s journal. Vultus stands up and drunkenly declares that he will find an armorer. Solomon offers to help him and then passes out at the table. Another guard in the bar is recruited to bring Solomon home. Vultus staggers into the street in search of an armorer to fix his shield. Sam follows after him. He knocks on the door he THINKS is the right one for the armorer, but he’s one house off. The armorer is awoken by the noise regardless. He takes the shield, tells vultus to come to his actual shop in two days, hands him a ticket for the shield, and closes the door.

Sam helps Vultus to his house. Once they’re inside, he tells her “I don’t think my god likes me anymore” and then heads up to bed. Sam heads over to Laurel’s office to check in on Max. she has a key for the office so she lets herself in and is pleased by the progress he’s making. The hair hasn’t grown back yet obviously, but the wounds seem to be healing nicely and they’re not leaking anything gross. She pets him, he puts his head in her lap, and she gets as comfortable as she can as she looks around for a place to sleep for the night so she can be with him.

Back at the bar, Rook and Zharko are talking about the trial. Zharko asks if Rook thinks the trial is going to actually happen tomorrow. Rook says no and that with everything going on recently, that something is probably going to happen to interrupt things. Zharko says he is tired and going to sleep. He stands up, walks a circle around the table, and casts his Alarm spell. He draws some unwanted attention in the process, though, and the audience notices two people in the corner with drinks in front of them that they arent drinking, and are staring intently in Zharko’s direction. Rook gets up and heads to the temple of Foz for lodging for the night.

The bedding in the temple is dual purpose. Basically you pick a slab of stone to sleep on. Also this room is used for preparing the dead for funerary rites! He picks a slab and makes himself comfortable and is drifting off to sleep when someone next to him offers him a ravast that’s just too big for him to eat by himself. Rook shrugs and takes the offered food and munches on it before heading to sleep for real.

Over in his house, Oric is getting ready to call it a night when he decides to try out the blowtube. He pulls some wood shards from the floor and puts one in the feed chute. It sounds like it finally hits the bottom several seconds later. He takes a breath and fires at a target. A jet black… something shoots out of the end and it appears to be dripping some sort of liquid. Oric plucks it from the target to check it out and finds that the shard is now a very sharp piece of metal and also the poison smells similar to the knockout poison he has now.

Before heading to bed Oric also decides to finally try on the cloak that he put on that the party found in the undertrails. He gives it a little spin to see how it looks and notices that the clasp part is now constricting around his neck.

Rook – 1 alignment, 1 treasure, 3 fail – 5 total XP
Zharko – 1 treasure – 1 total XP
Oric – 1 alignment , 1 treasure, 2 fail – 4 total XP
Sam – 1 treasure – 1 total XP
Vultus – 1 treasure, 1 fail – 2 total XP
Bill – 1 treasure – 1 total XP



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