That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Session 2 (Audio Lost)
Anger. Deception. Dice Rolls

Missing: Bill
Present: Rook, Oric, Sam, Zharko, and Vultus

The chief hands Sam a knife. He tells her to handle the situation with the shifter. She says that it would be better to question him right around the time Vultus runs him through with his blade. A gasping shifter is interrogated by the group and then healed by Rook. He tells them that when the gods took the souls of the shifters, the bodies stayed behind. They lost their morals. They lost much of what made them people. They became feral, needing to bite now to be able to change shape. The shifter also tells the group that his people have short lives, and that they live on borrowed time. When they are taking another’s skin, they do not age. They simply borrow time from the one whose skin they wear.

The chief tells the group that if they will not kill the skin-taker, they will bring him away from this place when they leave.

Oric gets up to some gambling during the night before they leave. He cheats very well and is undetected in doing so. He wins the chief’s loincloth dagger and also one of the chief’s shoes.

Zharko and Sam get some food and some rest while Rook and Vultus watch over the prisoner. Attempts at converting him to their respective religions prove futile.

The following morning Grinkle brings up a wagon with the two more badly wounded townspeople on it. Oric pays a visit to the chief as requested and is given a basket of special oils as well as the herbs that the first party was sent to find. Oric gives the chief his shoe back. The two remaining living townspeople from the first party are walking alongside. The party sets out with the injured in tow as well as their new prisoner.

Two days down the road and Griff (Oric’s cousin) is looking pretty bad. His leg wound seems to be faring poorly and the infection is spreading quicker than would be anticipated. The shifter proposes a solution. If the real Griff is wounded. He is missing a leg! Surely Oric’s aunt wouldn’t want to see him like that. If that Griff dies, there is a perfectly intact one that can go back to that family. Vultus responds by cutting the shifter’s leg off at the knee.

The shifter wails in agony. Rook comes to heal the shifter’s wound so he doesn’t bleed out. The shifter begins to turn into a crocogator. Zharko comes up to make the shifter invisible, but botches his spell casting. The party heard what he was saying during the incantation. Did they hear it right? Was ‘disappearo’ part of the spell? Was Zharko helping the shifter?

The re-shaped man lunges at Vultus. A brief fight ensues and the shifter is slain. Looking back to the real Griff, his leg looks badly infected still. Vultus tries to lay his hands on the wound, only to take the man’s blood infection into himself. Vultus is weak and has -5 max hp. He flops into the wagon and the party continues to town.

Once in town, they are paid for completing their quest and retrieving the herbs. They then part ways for a week or so to recollect themselves and plan to get back together at that time to discuss the possibility of further work as a team.

Oric visits his aunt. Things don’t go well. She tells him to never come back. He finds out that she has his dad’s journal, however, as well as a few other items that were precious to his family. Griff tells Oric that ‘the gang’ is slowly making inroads into First Conquest. They’re looking for him. And they will be coming sooner rather than later.

Rook is asked to help solve the mystery of strange disappearances and maladies in a small town nearby. He manages to find a totem hidden under some stones near town square and returns in the dead of night to remove it and destroy it. Returning the next night, he hears people talking about ‘The Godless’. They have a leader named Amon, who wants to stamp out the faith that is beginning to take root in this town.

Sam is hired to track down the son of a merchant family who was kidnapped. With some expert tracking by she and Max, the boy is found unharmed. Unfortunately the inflitration of the camp left no survivors to question for a motivation. It is assumed that the family is being targeted because of their assumed wealth.

Vultus is brought to the lavish temple in town (which he really doesn’t like) for healing and recuperation. While there, he is asked to speak to the new recruits to the faith. He does a respectable job, especially given his weakened state, and the church thanks him with some blessed oils to take with him on his travels. As he is leaving, he is stopped by a recruit who wants to speak with him some more. She has given up her normal name, he learns, and instead goes by Victus. Perhaps her strong deductive skills will come in handy later.

Zharko’s presence is requested by two siblings whose father has just died. They worked with Zharko previously when he came to speak for their dead grandmother. There is an inheritance dispute between the children and their stepmother of some few years. Zharko speaks to the dead father and is given information about the man’s death, as well as a valuable plot of land that the family once owned in a distant location. The plot of land is a mine near what was once a very prosperous town in the center of the continent and it is said that when people were fleeing many centuries ago that they hid their treasures inside the mine. None dare venture to that area, though. The father’s last memory is of a taste of almond in his stew and then vomiting and death. The wife is blamed for the murder and then confesses in a rage and is arrested. The children get the entire inheritance and the wife is hanged as an example.

Total XP gained from session:

Zharko: 3
Sam: 1
Bill: 0
Rook: 1
Vultus: 4
Oric: 3

Episodes 1&2
The March to the Mirthless Marsh

Present: Oric, Sam, Bill, Vultus, Rook, and Zharko

The party begin their adventure on the night of the second day traveling to the mirthless marsh. They are joined by Thrush, a minstrel from town. With Rook as quartermaster and Sam as trailblazer, the group is able to avoid danger and not use nearly as many supplies as they normally would. Oric does a decent job as trailblazer and the group is able to make decent time.

Vultus dedicates himself to this new quest and is blessed with senses that pierce lies as well as a freedom from hunger, thirst, or sleep. In return his deity requires that he take vows of truth and piety. He cannot tell a lie, and every morning at sunrise he must recite the Chant of Friend and Foe, a religious ritual wherein friends and enemies of the god are named along with friends and enemies of the chanter.

With another day or so of travel, the group makes it to the marsh. In a failed attempt to pickpocket Zharko Oric falls over and lands in the mud, where he finds a long sharp tooth left behind by a creature. Hissing sounds coming from all around them beneath the muddy ground soon reveal themselves to be crocogators about 15 feet long. A heated battle ensues and the party is able to rout the foes. Sam falls into a muddy sinkhole and is helped out by Oric. In the process, though, Sam swallows a bunch of water and can already feel the filth of the swamps working against her body she got the sick debuff.

After the fight, the party realizes that there is a small green man watching them. A few shout out to the small one and it comes out sheepishly and asks if they are here to see their friends. They respond in the affirmative and are led to an encampment an hour or two away where they speak to the chief of the tribe of greenskins and are then led by Grinkle (the one who found them) to the medical tent where they are met with good news and bad news. The good news is that some of the folks have been found alive! Oric’s cousin Griff is among the survivors, though he is missing a leg below the knee and has bites of several sizes on him. The bad news is that they are in bad shape, and almost half of the group didn’t even survive.

The party decides to stay the night and head out at first light with their injured townsfolk. As they sit around the fire that night and eat some roast crocogator, Thrush shows back up and is acting differently. After some questioning as to his whereabouts since the gator fight and a command from Vultus he backs up hastily and then runs off. Sam’s wolf Max pursues ‘Thrush’ and the party gives chase. They run to the sound of barking and find… two Grinkles? Each has a bloody hand smear on his chest. Which one is real?

The party readies their weapons just as the chief comes out, furious that the ones that he welcomed to stay with his tribe for the night would dare harm one of its members. A quick explanation catches the chief up on the details and he asks Sam “You think you know what true? You think you know who real?” She says yes. He hands her a long dagger from his belt. “You choose. You make answer” he says.

Total XP gained from session:

Zharko: 1
Sam: 2
Bill: 3
Rook: 3
Vultus: 4
Oric: 4

Character Creation
The Makening

Characters were created!
Adam is playing Oric, the Thief
Andrew is playing Vultus, the Paladin
Bobby is playing Bill, the Fighter
David is playing Zharko, the Wizard
Mike is playing Rook, the Cleric
Renee is playing Sam, the Ranger

We decided the following about the world:

  • Technology is equivalent to 15th/16th century, but gunpowder has just begun being used in the past decade or two
  • Everyone CAN use magic now, but it requires years and years of dedicated training to be able to do so reliably
  • Gods had several battles which scarred and destroyed parts of the landscape. This led to many people abandoning religion as it existed in those times.
  • Many gods have either fallen by the wayside, or their names have been lost to most. there are a few who think they know the true names of the gods.
  • People petition named deities who represent the abstract concept they are praying for. pray for the god of farmers for a good harvest, pray for the enduring mother to survive long droughts, etc.

We also talked about the first adventure that the party will be undertaking under player control:

The party is leaving First Conquest, a coastal metropolitan town known for being one of the last walled cities. It has large watchtowers throughout the town that make it somewhat easier to defend than other places of its size.

The group’s job is to head to the Mirthless Marshes and find a group of people who have gone missing, along with their armed archer escort. The group was in the marshes under a civic obligation to gather ritual sacraments.

The Mirthless Marshes are about 4 days each way from First Conquest, and our story will begin on the night of the second day of travel. It’s the middle of fall, so weather is decent.

The PCs have been offered payment in the form of coin for finding out what happened to the gathering party, but they are a bit wary of the shadowy figures that have recently been rumored to be inhabiting the marsh. What will they find? Only time will tell.


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