That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 21
Sir, your Lawyer is Inebriated

The party is talking to the town guard who volunteers his services as a witness, mentioning that he has a lady he’d really like to impress with ‘good words.’ They tell him that they’ll keep it in mind.

Oric tells Rook about his trip to the enemy camp and the changelings that he came across. He also told him that the rest of the people in camp seemed unfazed by the blob monsters and could be dangerous. Sam also chimes in and tells the group about the issues that occurred with Craigory and the whole ‘infiltration’ thing that was going on with the tubes and the fighting and the corpse fire. At the mention of a tube, Oric tells the group about the tube he recovered from the camp.

He shows the party the bone tube. It is shorter than the metal tubes used by The Crimson Hand and has a spot near one end where things can be inserted. Zharko turns his knowledgeable eye to the tube and notices it looks like a rather old blowgun design. Wizards would on occasion enchant items like this to have certain attributes, if the price was right. The easiest way to determine what the enchantment on the item is would be to use the blowgun on something/someone. Sam volunteers to try using it first, and Oric suggests they just put a projectile in and let it fall out to see what it does

Vultus takes time and prays for guidance to see what in the area is evil. Zharko pings his senses, as does the general location of the prisoner wing. Also, there is some residual evil on the tube, as if the bone came from an evil person.

Rook asks the guard if he’s seen anyone out of the ordinary or weird creatures. He says that what with the town being threatened with annihilation, everyone’s been acting strangely. Rook also asks how many people are available for town defense and he is told that there are maybe 30 guards that are healthy and fight capable.

He tells the group that his shift is ending soon and asks if they want to all go to the tavern and get a drink. Zharko enthusiastically says yes, and the others come as well with varying degrees of reluctance. Before they leave Oric asks Rook to heal him and he does so but the casting goes awry and Rook takes the damage onto himself. _. Vultus then comes up to try and heal Rook. (1f xp v)_. He rubs his hands and puts them on Rook but nothing happens.

The guard introduces himself as Solomon on the way to the bar. Sam gets hit on by a few sleazy bar patrons. Once she rebuffs them one moves on to generally trying to hit on the whole group and see if anyone wants to buy him a drink or take him back home with them. He is encouraged to leave and does so. On the way out, he puts a dented coin on the table and asks them not to tell his wife.

Zharko casts his detect magic skill but doesn’t detect anything magical outside of the expected things (his wand, something in Oric’s backpack, holy symbols on the religious dudes). ANYWAY the coin’s not magical. He picks it up and hands it to Vultus, who crushes it in his big strong manly hand.

Zharko buys everyone a round and then Vultus buys a few more rounds for the group. Oric sneaks out at some point and heads back home to finally look into his dad’s journal. Vultus stands up and drunkenly declares that he will find an armorer. Solomon offers to help him and then passes out at the table. Another guard in the bar is recruited to bring Solomon home. Vultus staggers into the street in search of an armorer to fix his shield. Sam follows after him. He knocks on the door he THINKS is the right one for the armorer, but he’s one house off. The armorer is awoken by the noise regardless. He takes the shield, tells vultus to come to his actual shop in two days, hands him a ticket for the shield, and closes the door.

Sam helps Vultus to his house. Once they’re inside, he tells her “I don’t think my god likes me anymore” and then heads up to bed. Sam heads over to Laurel’s office to check in on Max. she has a key for the office so she lets herself in and is pleased by the progress he’s making. The hair hasn’t grown back yet obviously, but the wounds seem to be healing nicely and they’re not leaking anything gross. She pets him, he puts his head in her lap, and she gets as comfortable as she can as she looks around for a place to sleep for the night so she can be with him.

Back at the bar, Rook and Zharko are talking about the trial. Zharko asks if Rook thinks the trial is going to actually happen tomorrow. Rook says no and that with everything going on recently, that something is probably going to happen to interrupt things. Zharko says he is tired and going to sleep. He stands up, walks a circle around the table, and casts his Alarm spell. He draws some unwanted attention in the process, though, and the audience notices two people in the corner with drinks in front of them that they arent drinking, and are staring intently in Zharko’s direction. Rook gets up and heads to the temple of Foz for lodging for the night.

The bedding in the temple is dual purpose. Basically you pick a slab of stone to sleep on. Also this room is used for preparing the dead for funerary rites! He picks a slab and makes himself comfortable and is drifting off to sleep when someone next to him offers him a ravast that’s just too big for him to eat by himself. Rook shrugs and takes the offered food and munches on it before heading to sleep for real.

Over in his house, Oric is getting ready to call it a night when he decides to try out the blowtube. He pulls some wood shards from the floor and puts one in the feed chute. It sounds like it finally hits the bottom several seconds later. He takes a breath and fires at a target. A jet black… something shoots out of the end and it appears to be dripping some sort of liquid. Oric plucks it from the target to check it out and finds that the shard is now a very sharp piece of metal and also the poison smells similar to the knockout poison he has now.

Before heading to bed Oric also decides to finally try on the cloak that he put on that the party found in the undertrails. He gives it a little spin to see how it looks and notices that the clasp part is now constricting around his neck.

Rook – 1 alignment, 1 treasure, 3 fail – 5 total XP
Zharko – 1 treasure – 1 total XP
Oric – 1 alignment , 1 treasure, 2 fail – 4 total XP
Sam – 1 treasure – 1 total XP
Vultus – 1 treasure, 1 fail – 2 total XP
Bill – 1 treasure – 1 total XP

Episode 20
Lawful in the Streets, Chaotic in the Sheets

PRESENT: Rook, Oric, Sam, Vultus, Zharko

Oric is led into a tent by his parents. They tell the two Crimson Hand members that accosted him to leave. Dad peeks his head into the tent to make sure that it’s clear and then motions for Oric and mom to come in. Inside the tent is a small oil-burning candle on a table with four chairs around it. They all sit down at the table and mom asks if he is here to join and be on the right side of this battle. Oric says that he thought his parents were dead. They say they thought they were dead too when everything happened. They were abducted in the night and brought before a strange metal man who held a blade to their throats and then said that they would be of more use to him alive, so he let them live.

Dad says “I know you have some checkered history with The Crimson Hand, but unless something drastic happens they will be tearing through this town and the people in it. Even if you don’t agree with their methods, it may be in your best interest to be on their side?” Oric says that they’re a bunch of cultist whackjobs and even if this town falls, there are other towns he can go to. They ask if he’s come across the amulet that the crimson sigil has been looking for and oric says no. He asks them what it even looks like and they say they have no clue and aren’t even sure that The Crimson Sigil remembers at this point. They were told that if the amulet was brought back that they’d be able to go free, though. Oric asks why they don’t just leave when they have the chance. They tell him that they’ve tried before and were always caught relatively quickly. He says in the confusion that will likely be occuring in the next few days, they should sneak out. He then gives them directions to a peaceful town to the south (Foldvine).

They ask if Oric is planning to head there now to avoid the fighting or what his plan is. He says he’s here looking for his cousin, to which they seem a bit confused. He is very suspicious because of this and assesses the situation at hand. His suspicions are confirmed when he realizes for sure that these people are NOT his parents. Their skin seems odd and almost ill-fitting. As he thinks about what could be useful to him in this scenario, he remembers seeing a tent a bit further off with a more concentrated guard presence around it than the others and hears the clanking of chains off in that direction. He also focuses to check for any traps or dangers he should be wary of. The conversation had him almost distracted enough to not notice the approaching footsteps behind him. Also, there are doughy pink fingers trying to wrap their way around his neck. He turns around and the figure he sees looks like the changeling he saw as it turned into a crocogator.

Oric stabs the arm with a poison needle and dives over the table, knocking over the oil lamp in the process. The oil from the lantern begins to pool on the grass. Oric looks at the thing and sees a little patch around the needle that looks to be the same color as his skin. His “parents” stand up and begin to hiss. Their skin does a strange ripple and they turn into a strange mix of his parents and the pink dough thing. Oric flips the table over and cuts a hole into the tent wall and runs out. His exit point leads him out towards the forest and away from the clanking chain tent with the guards.

Once in the woods, Oric cuts around the side of the camp to make his way towards the tent he thinks has Griff in it. He is ducking from tent to tent and as he gets close, he hears one of the people near the tent say that there’s a fire breaking out in one of the tents, and sends them to go check it out. There is a shrieking sound coming from inside the tent and one of the pink figures emerges and is wreathed in flames. The guards are reacting negatively to the fire, but not to the pink people, so these…things seem normal enough to them? Anyway Oric comes up to the one remaining guard outside of the tent and pricks him with the sleeping poison. He picks the guards pockets and finds a strangely shaped key made of bone and then heads into the tent.

Inside there is a bound and hooded figure with a missing leg below the knee. Also in the tent is a guard sleeping at a table with a spilled flagon of ale and a locked chest. Oric takes the hood off of the prisoner and hey it’s Griff! His hands are chained together and it looks like he got the crap beaten out of him. His eyes are swollen and his face is bruised and purple. Oric tells Griff to be quiet and then takes a vial of the red fluid he obtained from The Undertrails and uncorks it and has Griff drink it.

Griff’s bruises start to fade, his eye unswells slightly, and the seems to be breathing easier. Before opening the chest Oric checks it for traps_ (1f xp oric)._ He doesn’t SEE any traps so he pops the key in and opens the chest. Inside is a prosthetic leg and a tube that appears to be made of bone and is resting inside of a specially knit cloth sleeve. Griff stops to ask and make sure that Oric is really Oric, saying that Oric’s parents have been kicking his ass for the past few days. He assures him that he’s the real Oric, helps him up, and puts Griff’s arm over his shoulder to help bear some of his weight on their way out of the camp, hopefully quietly. Nope! (1f xp oric). Griff trips and swings out with an arm to steady himself and ends up stabbing Oric. They regain their footing after Oric tends to his leg wound and as they start up again, in the distance they can hear “The prisoner’s escaped! Find him!”

They soldier on into the forest and a little while later come to a clearing that they think at first is safe. A man wearing a town guard uniform walks up and pulls his sword out. He tells Oric and Griff that they are not allowed to leave. Oric realizes that his choices at the moment are to let Griff fight the man, or he can fight the guard on his own. He sends Griff on his way and tells him to head towards town and then hucks a dagger at the guard. The throw is good and the guard is hit right in his big dumb head. He stumbles momentarily and then charges Oric with his sword held high above his head. Oric sidesteps quickly and then disarms the guard and trips him. He uses the stolen sword and plunges it into the guard’s back and kills him. He takes his dagger out of the man’s head and disappears into the woods with Griff.

Half an hour later they arrive at the town gates. The guards draw their weapons and demand to know what they were doing outside of town. Oric explains the situation and asks Griff if he recognizes any of the guards. He points out one (named Tomas) and says that he owes him some coin. Griff shouts out to the guard about the coin that he is owed and the guard tells them they can come in. A medic comes up to check on them and tends to Griff. Once he is stabilized, he asks Oric if he needs any help and motions to his bleeding leg. The medic applies some bandages and a gross-smelling ointment to the wound and it doesn’t actually seem to do a whole lot, save for making his leg smell awful. One of the guards tells Oric that his friends are in the prison with “that escaped murderer that we re-captured” and before he can head over that way he hears pained screaming coming from Griff. All of a sudden it seems like his wounds are coming back and his bruises reappear and his eye swells back up.

Rook leveled up! Hooray! Anyway he is a bit shaken by the recent fight and decides to seek out the heaviest hitters he knows (Vultus, Bill, and Zharko). He hears from some people in town that the green murderer escaped for a while but was then recaptured by the burned man. He heads to the prison

Bill is passed out from blood loss. He is brought to a medical room where his stump is quickly cauterized. The group hears a scream and then a thud as he collapses onto the table. He’s then tossed back into solitary. This time the cell is reinforced and there are more guards posted. Rook places his healing hands on Vultus and attempts to fix his wounded knee to moderate success. The wound isn’t totally healed but it’s looking much better than it was.

Zharko and Rook discuss* The Crimson Sigil* and how he was immune to magic that they used against him and how that troubles them. Zharko remembers that he found a green hand and brought it with him and asks if anyone can reattach it to Bill. Rook tries but is entirely unsuccessful (1f xp rook) due to the whole ‘cauterized arm stump’ thing.

A guard comes up and talks with the group about the recent happenings in town and talks about how the rule of law needs to be enforced, regardless of the crazy stuff happening. There is general agreement that justice needs to be carried out, regardless of how the party feels about the person on trial.

Episode 19
Unhand Me at Once!

PRESENT: Bill, Vultus, Rook, Oric, Zharko, Sam

Bill kicks out as hard as he can and lands a solid hit directly on Vultus’ knee, kicking his leg out from under him. Vultus gets back to his feet and lops Bill’s non-dominant hand off.

Rook continues to follow after the crimson sigil. He heals himself and then takes another swing at the robot, saying he can do this all day if needed.

The guards come to escort bill to prison. Again. Vultus follows to assist as needed and then plans to leave and get his knee looked at. One of the guards offers to help shoulder some of Vultus’ weight so that he can walk easier, but he refuses. The two adventurers and the guards all head back to the guard hq to re-imprison Bill

Sam, armed with some new information about the direction of retreat that the east wall invaders took, heads to the guard house as well to spread the word.

Oric is still sneaking through the woods to follow The Crimson Sigil and Rook. Rook is continuing to berate The Crimson Sigil and tell it that the gods DO exist and that if they didn’t, how could rook heal himself like this? The crimson sigil responds. “I think you misunderstand my position. I met the gods before they were gods. I knew them. They were foolhardy then, and are more foolhardy now. They were reckless then and are more reckless now. They put others in danger then, and caused such terrible damage to this world after attaining their godhood that millions died. And for what? For a petty squabble that doesn’t involve us but takes place in our homes? Why are these things worth worship? Why are they worth devotion? They feed off of you and the enegry of your faith and give you little to nothing in return.”

Oric attempts to study the crimson sigil’s movements in order to see if he can determine a weakness that isn’t immediately obvious. While looking for something in the area that would be valuable to him, he spots some berry bushes that he can use to fashion a sort of knockout/real bad poop time poison. He looks to see if anything is not what it appears to be. The left shoulder’s metal armor parts seem to be pock marked and weaker than the rest of him. When trying to determine what he should be on the lookout for, he notices that in the distance he can hear the crackling of a campfire in the distance and some low talking. He feels that he should be wary of the gathering of people that is making that noise. The Crimson Sigil’s torso turns the right way round again and then takes a sharp right turn down a well-worn path that goes for a few hundred feet and ends in a clearing.

Zharko, after not seeing any sign of Oric or Rook for a while, decides to go look for the rest of the party. There’s nobody at the gate when he arrives, but he does see a green hand on the ground with blood stains leading in the direction of the guard hq. He goes that way.

Everyone aside from Oric and Rook are in the guard hq for a ‘happy’ reunion!

Rook is still taking swings at this thing. He’s scuffed up and lightly dented the arm armor, but nothing substantial. He is at a loss for what to do in this situation, as he isn’t doing much damage to this thing. He looks skyward ans asks what Foz would have him do. The floating axe initially points towards the camp and then after a moment or two it points back the direction that rook came from. The Crimson Sigil says “I’m not sure what answers you seek, but i’ve given you a gift today and it would be foolish to squander it.” Rook says he hopes The Crimson Sigil likes skeletons, and that he’s going to go work on gathering his forces. He heads back to town and plans to find Zharko so that they can find a way to kill this unholy abomination.

Oric pocketed some of those berries and continues to follow the two as they march through the woods


After Rook breaks off and heads back Oric keeps following The Crimson Sigil. Once they arrive at the camp, he’s going to look around and see if he can find his cousin. He sizes up the situation to see where would be the best place to investigate (1f xp oric). He heads into the wrong tent and sees a strategy meeting happening. He backs out before anyone in there can see him and bumps into two people. One of them he remembers from his time working with The Crimson Hand long ago. The man says ‘Ah, Oric. You again. You’re coming with us. This is not a request’ and the other person pushes a dagger up against Oric’s back. Oric deftly steals the dagger and the other man looks like he’s about to hit Oric. Oric strikes out in an attempt to sink the stolen blade into the man’s arm (1f xp oric). The attack is parried and Oric catches an elbow to the head. His vision swims and once he regains himself a bit he hears a familiar voice. “Oric, stop all this. Come sit down and we’ll talk.” Oric sees his mother and father motioning for him to come to a nearby tent.

End of Session
Rook – 1 alignment, 1important thing, 2 fail – 4 total XP
Oric – 1 alignment, 1important thing, 2 fail – 4 total XP
Vultus – 1 alignment, 1important thing, 1 fail – 3 total XP
Zharko – 1important thing, – 1 total XP
Sam – 1important thing, – 1 total XP
Bill – 1important thing, 1 fail – 2 total XP

Episode 18
The Nipple Stuff Never Happened

Present: Bill, Vultus, Rook, Zharko, Sam, Oric

Flash back to bill in the prison.
He’s in solitary at the moment. A guard comes into the area leading two other people and is grinning like an idiot the whole time. The two others dismiss the guard. The woman from before (brought bill the wooden soldier) is there along with a similar-looking man. Both are in their 50s or 60s, with olive skin and dark hair.

The woman steps forward and asks Bill if he has had the opportunity to talk to oric. Bill says no and reminds her that he has been in jail. She says that she has a proposal that could maybe… end with him not in jail? She heads to the doorway they came through, peeks outside of it, and then closes it. The man steps forward now and says ‘this town would see you die for the things that you’ve done. Do you wish to die?’ Bill says he feels like he may deserve it. The man repeats his question, and bill repeats his answer.

He changes his tactics some and asks bill if he would like to leave his cell; if he would be willing to forsake the town. Bill says he could leave any time he wanted to, to which the man asks why he hasn’t done so yet, in that case. “Because I deserve to be here.” The man asks why Bill bothers to follow the laws and gods of these humans, when he can be truly free elsewhere? Bill asks how he can be expected to follow them to this place when he is in jail. The man is confused and then tells him again that they can get him out of prison.

They discuss back and forth and then finally Bill says that once they let him out, he will not go with them. The man says “well, enjoy the rest of your life. You’ve got, what, two more days? Hope it’s fun.” Bill then proceeds to rip the cell door off of its hinges. He does so in a way that doesn’t take very long, doesn’t permanently damage anything, and doesn’t make much noise.

The woman asks Bill if he will come with them or head out on his own. He tells her that he is going to rejoin his friends. She wishes him luck and holds open the door for him to walk out. He remembers from being brought in here that he is in the furthest back area of the prison complex. After the solitary area is an armored door that leads to the main prison area that leads to the mess hall, which leads to intake, which leads to the guard HQ, which leads to outside.

He chooses to set out to find his gear. The door leading out of solitary is unbarred and the smiling guard from before is there. He lets bill through and smiles at him with a weird glossed over look in his eyes. He hears the prisoners in their cells calling to Bill to help them get out. He says ‘no’ and walks away. He walks through the mess hall area, which now has a dingy white cloth laid over the table bill killed a guy on, and tries the door to the intake area but finds that it is locked. He uses his ‘bend bars, lift gates’ move again with the same results as before. It is quiet, not overly damaging, and quick.

He walks into the intake area of the prison complex and sees two people sitting behind desks and filling out paperwork. One of them looks up, sees Bill, salutes him, and goes back to working on paperwork. He says “hello gentlemen” and the other guard looks up from his paperwork and demands to know how he got out of solitary. The guard gets up and goes to reach for his sword but the one that saluted bill pulls a dagger from his boot and buries it under the breastplate of the guard’s armor. He tells Bill that he’s going to make a quick stop over at the cliff face out back and needs Bill to NOT be here when he gets back. He then says ‘may the hand guide you always’ and begins to drag the guard out. Bill heads to the barracks, still in search of his equipment. There are two rooms in the hallway. On the left hand he can hear the muffled sounds of conversation, and to the right there is the sound of a weapon being sharpened. Bill chooses the right hand door.

He walks in and sees a frail old man hunched over and sharpening a short sword with a whetstone. He asks Bill if he is a new recruit and he says that he is. The man asks if he brought a requisition order for equipment and Bill says he didn’t get one because he’s not sure of the policies of the place yet. Not wanting to cause any issues, he takes an offered box of starter gear instead of trying to force his way past to get to his own equipment. Inside the box is a sword that is somewhere between a dagger and shortsword in size and some leather armor with the town crest on it.

Now that he has the box, Bill heads to the left door. There are a few guards sitting around a table playing cards and when the door opens, they all look towards him. Bill recognizes two of them as the ones who dragged him to solitary before.

The flares fired by both groups outside of the walls go off and the gathered masses begin to head back into the woods. Vultus shouts for the ones outside of the main gate to drop their arms and surrender immediately. They ignore his demand, though they begin to move slightly faster on their journey back into the woods. At the southern wall, the only remaining figure not leaving is The Crimson Sigil. He says “it’s a shame this couldn’t be resolved peacefully.” Rook says things CAN end peacefully if the Sigil surrenders and acknowledges the power of the gods. It laughs and says “I know that they existed at a time, but you seem to believe that they have power in this world and are worth following.” It tells Rook that The Crimson Hand will leave. First Conquest will have the previously given amount of time to prepare. It wants the city to mount the biggest force and resistance they can so that when they are utterly crushed by The Crimson Hand’s forces they will see how foolish they were for not changing sides when they could.

Rook runs up and smacks it with his mace. He connects with The Crimson Sigil’s arm and the bolt that controls the armblade snaps off. It responds by planting one of its feet into the ground and then using the other to kick Rook in the chest real REAL hard. Zharko attempts to cast his dispel magic spell on the robot. After casting the spell, he loses the ability to recast it until he prepares again. The only spell he can detect is the Cloudkill, strangely enough. It seems as if The Crimson Sigil is a blank space when it comes to magic. The robot begins to walk away and Oric and Rook follow after it. Oric is doing his best to stay hidden while following. He is able to remain undetected by humanoids but runs afoul of a rather venomous snake that is in his path. An expertly thrown dagger pins the snake to the ground before it can strike and Oric continues stalking behind the procession.

Vultus is being pushy and asking them all about their allegiance to the gods and such to try and suss out if there are crimson hand sympathizers. He gives his normal prepared speech and looks to gauge their reactions (1f xp vultus). Totally misreading the situation, he thinks they are super interested and then continues on with his whole prepared speech.

Sam, meanwhile, decides that she wants to head out after the group and see where they go. She uses her_ Hunt and Track_ skill to try and see where they go. She follows the trail for half an hour or so through the woods and ends up at a cliff that goes about 30 feet up from where she is standing. At the bottom of the cliff face is a round-ish entrance to a cave/tunnel system that’s been carved out. The trail is untrackable on the flat stone floor, so she turns back and heads towards town again to let people know what’s up.

Vultus moves his speech around to a different area still near the gates


Zharko is sitting on the wall looking anxiously for his friends to return. He ends the Cloudkill effect and paces back and forth.


Bill walks into the barracks, the guards see him, a table is flipped. He runs off as fast as he can back into the town itself, trying to lose the guards in the winding streets and crowds.(1f xp bill) He has a bit more endurance than the guards and manages to lose them as he weaves through the streets. Unfortunately for him he wanders right into the area where Vultus is giving his ‘come to Lash’ speech. He falls down and Vultus comes over, plants his knee in bill’s back, and tries to tie him up. The guards arrive 2 minutes or so later. The guards ask if Bill is dead and make comments about how it would make their jobs much easier if he was.

Vultus asks Bill how he got out of prison. He says he broke out. Vultus decides that an immediate punishment that needs to be carried out is that he will remove one of bill’s hands. Bill immediately begins to resist and lashes out at Vultus.

Episode 17
Ballad of Craigory

PRESENT: Vultus, Oric, Rook, Sam, Zharko

The party is headed to the town gates!
On the way, Rook sees some ‘guards’ handing parcels off to some ‘citizens’ along with the quick muttering of a few words.
Vultus comes up and accosts one of the recipients while Oric sneaks around behind him and steals the package. The party lets the guy go and then heads to a quiet corner to see what the fuss is about.

Inside the bundle is a small leather pouch. In the pouch is a rolled up paper with a map of the town (along with some symbols and arrows), a serrated dagger and two vials of liquid.
One is a swirly brownish green color and the other is a milky white color.
A quick whiff in combination with what he knows about the general color of poisons allows Oric to deduce that the white almond smelling liquid is most likely a paralytic that quickly stops the heart.
Investigation of the viscosity and coloration of the greenish liquid shows him that this is an applied poison that would work best if put in food or on a weapon or something like that.

ORIC gains serrated dagger, 1x Paralytic toxin (wht) and 1x Food poison (grn)

Sam rushes off with the attack plans and heads to the guard hq. The rest of the party heads to the walls. At about the midway spot between the two gates, Rook asks Foz for guidance and wishes to be led to the site of glorious battle. After a few moments of hesitation the floating axe points towards the side gate down to the south. The prayer and subsequent floating sign grab him some unwanted attention, though. Unbeknownst to the party, they are being watched from a nearby alleyway.

Rook heads to the south gate
Sam is headed to the guard hq
Oric is headed to the south gate and wants to wait outside of the gate
Vultus is headed to the main gate
Zharko is headed to the south gate

Sam reaches the guard hq and talks to a man sitting behind one of the desks. He seems awkward and fidgety. Sam hands over the information and the man acts as if he already knows the stuff on there. Sam is increasingly suspicious of this man and asks him to identify himself. He tells her that he is Craigory, ‘the boss guard of the guard house.’ Sam leaves after giving him the information and the map and hangs out outside of the building, expecting him to leave and possibly meet with a co conspirator. Five minutes pass and there’s still no sign of the man. She goes in through a back entrance and tries to find Craigory. Sam asks around and a guard said that the new guy was watching the desk for a while, but he said he was headed to the roof to do a perimeter check. The guard also said that ‘Craigory’ told her that his name was Maxwell. Some guards are sent to check the roof and Sam heads out towards the front gate.

As she is walking out and crossing the bridge connecting the guard island to the rest of the city, she hears commotion on the roof. There are the telltale sounds of people fighting and the sound of something being lit. From where she stands Sam can see Craigory holding a tube into the air and trying to light it with the torch. Sam quickly readies her bow and fires an arrow in Craigory’s direction. The arrow hits his hand and he drops the torch. He curses loudly, picks it back up, and tries to light the tube again when he is tackled from the side by one of the guards who came to the roof to find him. Both people sail over the edge and land with a wet thump on the rocky ground several stories below. Craigory landed on the other guard and is somewhat less catastrophically hurt. He steadies his shaky hands with the last bit of energy he has in him and tries to light the tube again. She fires another arrow and this one goes into his head. The hands go slack, the tube rolls into the water, and the torch rolls back towards the two corpses and sets them alight.

She runs off to help out at the front gate and on her way across the bridge two guards appear on the far end and ready their weapons to stop her. A shout from the rooftop tells them to let her through and they do so.

Back at the front gate: Vultus is gathering as many nearby guards as he can. Only one is a recent recruit. He tells one of the more veteran guards to keep an eye on him and kill him if needed. Figures start emerging from the nearby woods. Vultus climbs up to the top of the wall to get a better view. The figures are wearing various black outfits, and each have a red handprint on their chests. No weapons are drawn. They just stand and stare.

At the side gate: A similar gathering is occurring here, but to a much greater degree. 60 or so people are at this gate, compared to the 30-40 at the main gate. They’re gathered about 200 feet away from the front gate and are also staring. Rook wants to use Cause Fear on the crowd but is too far away, so he has the guards open the gate so that he can go out and walk towards the crowd.

Rook is out there standing defiantly and Oric is trying is best to hide in some nearby bushes so he can observe without being seen. Luckily for Oric, the bush he picked is a great hiding spot! Unfortunately for him, the bush is currently inhabited by some angry stinging insects. He takes some of his sleeping poison into his mouth and spits it out on the bees.

Oric -1 use of Oil of Tagit

As Rook strides out towards the gathered crowd, the gaze of the gathered forces shifts to him. He addresses the crowd, tells him he’s a big fan of the gods, and to prove that they’re real, he will be doing some magic. He then promptly fails that roll so all of the gathered folks laugh at him (1xp rook)

The group gathered parts and allows two plate-mailed soldiers to march up and as they part, a skeletal metallic man is revealed. He walks up to rook and says “are you the representative?”. Rook says that he is, and the man asks where ‘*Cassile*’ is. Rook combs through his accumulated knowledge, but draws a complete blank on the name (1 xp rook)

Rook turns around and shouts up to Zharko to ask what he knows about these guys and Zharko is reminded of a book he read about a race called the warforged, but they aren’t supposed to have existed for at least the past thousand years.

Some banter is exchanged between rook and the metal being that identifies itself as The Crimson Sigil. Rook tires of it and shoots at it with a magic missile. The missiles are caught out of the air and crushed by the robot. Zharko pulls out the wand of cloudkill and casts it over the area outside of the wall. In response, The Crimson Sigil extends the sharp and serrated blades built into his arms. It nods in the direction of the two guards that flanked it and they pull a chain on their tube pikes and they fire red flares into the air.

Zharko -1 use of Cloudkill on wand

Episode 16
Blessed is the Mind too Small for Doubt

PRESENT: Oric, Rook, Sam, Vultus, Zharko

1.75 days of trial prep remain
0.25 days until ‘the replacement’
Vultus: 1 hold
Rook: 2 hold (1xp to vultus if you use hold gained from vultus’ failure)

The group arrives at the meeting house that isn’t specially marked that Zharko found out about last night. it sounds like there are 5 or 6 people inside. Oric heads over to the side of the building and sees if he can sneak in through there. Vultus waits outside the front with Rook and Sam for the ‘go noise’ so the group knows when to raid. Zharko says he can cast an invisibility spell on Oric to help him sneak in, but warns him that it will wear off if he tries to attack anybody.

He casts successfully, but is unable to cast the spell again, at least for a while. Oric sees strange shadows moving through the walls and into buildings, and he himself looks misty. He uses his lockpick set to pick the lock on the side door. He makes a bit of noise opening the door, but is able to spot the wire attached to the door before he opens it all the way. The clicking noise the door makes alerts the people inside, though. One person asks what that noise were and Vultus decides to spring into action by… fake arresting Zharko! He says “go with it” and roughly shoves Zharko to the ground. Zharko tries to get out of the way but trips and runs into the side of the building they’re staking out. People quickly come to the front door to see what is going on outside. Zharko starts yelling about being wrongly accused and two of the people come out of the house to try and break up… whatever is going on here.

Oric disables the wire with a set of snips he has. Good for him, because those would have set off a pair of crossbows pointed at the door! As he walks into the kitchen area, he assesses the situation. There are three people in the living room and the two that just went outside. The two that went outside are normally dressed, but the three inside are wearing guard uniforms. Oric makes his way carefully past the ‘guardsmen.’ There are two sets of guard armor and weapons in a side room. Also hanging from one nightstand are five bronze medallions with a red handprint on them. Since Griff isn’t here, Oric moves to plan B and gets his poison ready so he can knock out one of the people. He succeeds in doing so and thus dispels his invisibility. The other two men in the room see their friend fall to the floor in a heap and suddenly a man with a needle in his hand is standing over him! “Who are you and how did you get in here!?” one asks. Oric shouts ‘Heretic!’ which apparently is the ‘go loud’ signal.

Rook enchants Sam’s bow so that her arrows fly faster and hit harder. Vultus pushes the one closest out of the way and sam lands two shots on two targets, wounding both quite badly. The initial target charges Vultus and he stands prepared to hit it right back. Confident that his god is backing him, Vultus finds that he broke his vow of truth by declaring that he was arresting the wizard. He is sent sprawling and lands on top of zharko

Inside, Oric is having much better luck. He hucks a knife at one of The Crimson Hand guys and kills him outright. The non-dead and non-sleeping guy in the room throws a dagger towards Oric. Rook casts magic missile in an attempt to knock it out of the way. the aim was true but the angle was wonky, sending the dagger into Oric’s leg.

One man outside is trying to slash at Vultus/Zharko! Zharko quickfires a magic missile at him and gets a solid hit. The first missile pierces his armor and the second hits the same spot and bursts inside of him, killing him instantly. Vultus comes up to the one approaching him and tries to bash him with his shield. He is successful at sweeping the man off his feet, but the shield cracks in the process.

The guy inside who hit Oric with that throwing dagger (nobody tell him he had help!) feels confident enough to stride up and just try to cut Oric down. Oric parries the blow upwards and then cuts the man down using a quick flourish of his dagger.

Now the only one left inside is all asleep-like! Oric hands Sam the amulets he found and tells her that maybe she should bring these to the guardhouse so that the guards know what to be on the lookout for to identify infiltrators. She brings those and tells them that the attack will happen at midday at a less used gate to town.

Oric prepares to interrogate the captive while Vultus meditates in the corner of the room.

1.5 days of trial prep remain
3 hours until ‘the replacement’

Vultus drags the corpses inside and Oric and Zharko prepare to… question the man. Zharko casts charm person on the prisoner before the interrogation begins. The man awakens and begins trying to bargain with Zharko to get him to let his old buddy out of these ropes! He can put in a good word with the boss! Oric holds a dagger to the man’s throat and asks where Griff is. The man denies any involvement in that process. Oric pushes harder and draws some blood from the man’s throat. The prisoner says if the guy that was taken was valuable, he’d be kept outside of town. He refuses to say more. Oric threatens him and the man says “nothing you can do is worse than what he would do. Do what you need to.” Zharko casts his cause fear spell on the chair that the man is tied to. The spell is cast successfully, but in his panic the man begins shouting loudly enough to be heard from outside. Some passing townsfolk hear the noise and run off to get help.

Without the promise of any more information, Vultus cuts the man’s head off and puts it in a bag to bring with them for the purpose of using Zharko’s speak with dead spell tomorrow on it. They second guess the plan since the attack is happening in like two hours, and then put the head back down and get out.

They sneak out of the side exit and get about half a block away before they hear the sound of boots kicking in a door in the distance.

1.25 days of trial prep remain
>1 hours until ‘the replacement’

End Of Session:

V: Z isn’t as far gone as I thought. I should endeavour to redeem him. He may be brought into the fold in time.
R: B has proven that he is is a danger to himself and others. I will keep them safe from him.
S: B is no longer in my debt, and must prove himself worthy of my further assistance.
O: CREATE: R’s reckless use of magic is dangerous. -— ???
Z: O has earned my trust and I will assist him however I can in the fight against the crimson hand.
Z: CREATE: V embodies the worst aspects of his god. he must change or be made to change.

Vultus: 7 (3 fail, 1 bond, 1 alignment, 1 important thing, 1 notable enemy)
Rook: 5 (1 fail, 1 bond, 1 alignment, 1 important thing, 1 notable enemy)
Zharko: 4 (1 fail, 1 bond, 1 alignment, 1 important thing)
Bill: 2 (1 important thing, 1 notable enemy)
Oric: 2 (1 alignment, 1 important thing)
Sam: 2 (1 bond, 1 important thing)

Episode 15
A Compelling Case Against Free Will

PRESENT: Bill, Oric, Rook, Sam, Vultus, Zharko

Trial Info:
They get three days to gather any evidence and witnesses and reference materials.


  • 2 speakers (equivalent to attorneys here)
  • Denounced- Accused of the crime (Defendant) (Bill)
  • Inquisitor – Speaker for the city (Prosecution attorney) (Vultus)
  • Sentinel – Speaker for the denounced (Defense attorney) (Rook)
  • Arbiters – 2 judges – final decision makers
  • The Flock – The gathered townsfolk who come to watch the trial
  • Orator – elected position given to a townsperson. they speak as the voice of the flock

Stages of trial

  • Conception (the research part) – The case is born into the minds of the speakers. They form their hopes and dreams for how the case will grow and develop.
  • Revelation (opening arguments) – The case is laid bare and introduced to the world.
  • The World of Stone and Word (fact + evidence) – Case is shaped by the facts and evidence that are available. Evidence/precedents are presented.
  • The Pious Mouth (prosecution witness) – the inquisitor calls a witness whose testimony will give meat to the inquisitor’s case and help to sway the arbiters and flock to their side.
  • The Meek Appeal (defense witness) – the sentinel calls a witness who will paint the denounced in a sympathetic manner and try to put their actions in a good light.
  • The Radiant Mind (judge witness) – the arbiters call someone to the stand. both sides may ask questions, and then the arbiters ask a few themselves.
  • Remembrances (closing arguments) – the life of the case ends. like the end of all lives, we celebrate the life that it lived. we recap the highs and the lows.
  • The Flock Speaks (jury speaks) – though a life is gone, it touches those around it. the final voice is that of the town itself. of the world itself. the orator considers the facts of the case and gives a recommendation to the arbiters. you must simply sit and hope.
  • A Just Record (final decision) – the gathered masses leave. Those who remain are the arbiters, the speakers, and the denounced. the only thing recorded is the outcome of the trial. all other words and actions will fade into memory.

The trial will commence in three days. The two speakers must make preparations!

When you spend time before the trial preparing, roll. If you have reference materials, roll + INT
10+: 3 hold to use during the trial
7-9 : 1 hold to use during the trial
<6 : Give opposition 1 hold. If they use it, you get an extra XP

Vultus plans to look for any family he can find for the deceased child. (Rolls 4)

Rook begins with prayer. He has an… ‘alternative’ method of defense planned. He will also seek out anyone who can tell him how law is practiced in the town so he can make sure he follows all the procedures and rules. (Rolls 8)

Vultus: 0hold
Rook: 2hold (1xp to vultus if vultus hold is used)

During this time, Oric is looking into finding any dead drops or hideouts that The Crimson Hand may have in town. Zharko feels that the trial is a distraction from the big thing that everyone should be worried about and decides to help Oric out.

Sam is looking for something to do in general, so she puts the word out that she is willing and able to help out anyone who needs help with any research or tracking or investigation. Vultus is eager and willing to accept her assistance. With her doing some research as well, he is able to prepare a much better plan than he first had on his own. She finds that there is precedent that people on trial for crimes of passion were on occasion let off scot free, whereas others (mostly out-of-towners, of which Bill is one) were usually much more harshly prosecuted. If precedent follows, since he is an outsider, things will… be not good for Bill.

Thanks to Zharko’s assistance, Oric makes headway on getting info on The Crimson Hand members in First Conquest. They start to notice red handprints in varying places that are out of the way and not immediately noticeable. They find that there is an abandoned house by one of the walls and an abandoned warehouse in the back of the merchant district. They seem well-traveled which is odd since both of the buildings are dilapidated and out of the way. The house near the edge of town had a ciphered copy of the guard rotation. The warehouse had, tucked far in the back, a few sets of guard armor replicas. They know now that an infiltration of the guard ranks is going to happen soon, if it hasn’t yet.

MEANWHILE BACK IN PRISON: Bill is in the mess hall and decides for…. reasons? to bash someone’s head in with a dinner tray. * Adrian Cook* is sitting at the table eating his gruel with bits of “meat?” in it when Bill comes up and bashes him with the tray. Once the tray breaks he grabs the man by the head and cracks his face into the wooden table. Blood begins to pool on the table and between the slats onto the floor. Two guards rush up and bludgeon Bill over the head with clubs and drag him to a higher security area.

Time leap to that night for Bill: A shorter woman with long black hair and olive skin wearing closely-gathered robes comes up to Bill’s cell. She comes up close to the cell to where only he can hear her talk (not close enough to be grabbed). She says “you’re an easy person to find, but an expensive person to get to talk to. What exactly was the point of that ‘show’ of yours earlier?” Bill denies doing anything at first and then comes clean. She asks if he is affiliated with Oric and Bill eventually admits to that too. She asks if Bill knows where she would be able to find Oric in the town. He tells her no. She asks Bill to pass on a message to Oric if he ends up seeing him again. “Tell him an old friend will be waiting at the fountain.” Bill denies her request. The woman puts a small wooden figurine on the horizontal bar of the cell and walks away. The figurine looks like soldier. it was probably originally painted nicely at one point in time. Bill cracks it in half.

Bill gain 2 pieces of wooden soldier.

At the end of the day as Sam is leaving town to head to her house in the woods, one of the guards stops her and recommends that she spend the night indoors in town. they’ve seen… some stuff. People emerging from the woods and standing there for hours and watching. They’re barely visible in the shadows and when people go to investigate, red handprints are found on some of the trees.

Oric is back at home and is looking through some of his old stuff and looking for clues. He gets a knock on the door! Sam’s there and she tells him about what she heard regarding the creepy lurkers in the shadows outside of town. Oric says it meshes with what he and Zharko have been seeing. He suggests that Sam bring the news to the guard captain, as he is probably unwelcome there. He also says that when he last interacted with them, the crimson hand were a gang of thugs, and not these fireball-throwing guys. He hands her the ciphered guard schedule and as sam is getting ready to head out, the two of them hear a panicked banging on the door. Oric opens it and Aunt Rose comes in. She slaps him in the face and shouts “you son of a bitch! this is your fault!” as she shoves a crumpled note into his chest. Oric reads it.

“Tell the thief to bring the amulet or your family tree will be pruned once more.”

Oric tells her that he doesn’t have the amulet. “They’ve got Griff. so you need to find it, or make one that looks like it so they will stop killing our family members.” Oric promises that they’ll find Griff and she says “for your sake you’d better.”


Zharko plans to use his invisibility spell to observe one of the more likely meet/drop spots to see if he can find someone to tail. He starts with the house w/ the ciphered guard schedule on it per Oric’s recommendation. It is currently around 12:30 or 1. Zharko sees two figures approach. they walk the block a few times. One bends down to ‘tie his shoe’ and scans up and down the street. He coughs and the other goes inside the house. Zharko stays next to the one that didn’t go in. A few minutes later he emerges again and Zharko hears the one who went inside tell the other “it looks like we are all set for midday tomorrow. you know the place?” ‘Yeah’ “Ok, well i’ll see you there, then.”

The two individuals split up in different directions. Zharko follows the one he was tailing before as he heads towards the gates out of town. Before he gets to the gate, Zharko touches him on the shoulder and casts charm person, dispelling his invisibility spell. The man freezes for a second and turns around and sees his old friend! “Hey, where’s that thing going down?” Zharko asks. The man shushes him. ‘You know the center of town where they had the big fireball?’ he asks. ‘Go north of that, towards the docks. Third street off to the left. Two buildings down. There’s a meeting house that we keep unmarked. since it’s special. where we keep the good stuff? we’re meeting there and then we’re going to do our replacement.’ He also tells Zharko that the boss is coming to town when the gates are forced open. Zharko finishes his conversation with the man and then heads to find Oric and fill him in.

Zharko arrives and tells oric what he learned and makes special note of the fact that the boss is coming to town. Oric tells Zharko that the boss coming is very bad news. He says he doesn’t know much about the boss, but his coming bodes ill for everyone.

MEANWHILE: Sam made it to the guardhouse. She heads up to talk to one of the people in charge for this duty shift. Looks like Evelyn is in charge tonight. She’s got a decent working relationship with Sam. Evelyn checks in to see how Max is doing and then they get down to business. Sam tells her about what they found out and presents Evelyn with the ciphered guard rotation. Evelyn says that this couldn’t have come at a worse time because they just started training new recruits, so infiltration is much easier right now than it would be normally. Sam asks after Griff and Evelyn said that he is reported to have come in as of last night. He probably got off a few hours ago, and he would have been on one of the quieter, less ‘active’ areas since they were trying to get him back up to speed slowly since his leg loss. Sam thanks her for the info and heads out. She goes to Laurel’s veterinary office and spends the night there so she can be near max.

Bill is delivered food in his prison cell. The slop in his bowl is poured on the ground in the cell and the guard says “eat up, monster. You’d better enjoy these last few meals you get.”

Oric heads to get Vultus and Rook. They’re in a wing of the regular town archive that has to do with legal proceedings. He tells them everything that he and Sam and Zharko found out the previous day, and tells them that the leader of The Crimson Hand coming to town is big time bad news. Vultus proposes they find the heretics, kill all but one, and bring the other in for public interrogation. They talk about the plan on the way. They stop by the vets office after asking around for Sam and find her, bring her up to speed as well, and get ready to roll out.

*TIME: *
2 days of trial prep remain
0.5 days until ‘the replacement’

Vultus: 1 hold
Rook: 2 hold (1xp to vultus if you use hold gained from vultus’ failure)

Episode 14
Spreading Skeleton Democracy

PRESENT: Bill, Rook, Vultus, Sam, Zharko, Oric

Rook, Vultus, and Bill decide that they will head to First Conquest immediately. The problem, however, is that the trip is almost six days and they have rations enough for half that. They figure it is best to pay a visit to The Bonehive and see if they can trade for some food.

They arrive at the* Everlight Lagoon* around 3am. Rolland comes up and looks at them expectantly. They propose the trade for food and Rolland says “I have told you before that whatever you need, we would try to provide. You have protected this town and to us you are citizens of Coldoaks. Take what you need for your journey.” They accept three days of rations and prepare to leave.

Rook gains 3 uses of rations
Bill gains 3 uses of rations
Vultus gains 3 uses of rations

Before they leave, we do the undertake a dangerous journey roll.
Rook is quartermaster
Vultus is the scout
Bill is trailblazer

Rook’s quartermastering experience allows the party to actually use less rations than intended (maybe with some ‘unorthodox’ additions to the rations they DO eat.) Vultus and Bill do their job competently. They do not bump into any obstacles or get lost. As they pass the Mirthless Marsh, they see a goblin party out hunting. Grinkle is with the hunting party and the two groups wave at each other as they pass by.

The three adventurers arrive at the gates of First Conquest. A guard asks them how the journey went. Rook says they made contact with some town. They made good contact with one, and less good contact with another. The guard says that a group of dwarves on a cart came in a day or so ago.

They go through the gate and begin to make their way to The Saint Sister’s lodging. It’s a weird setup. No matter which way you face in the market square, her house is to the right. (she actually has like 5 buildings that she owns all around the market). As they make their way to the house, they see the other three party members from before the split! As they walk over to each other, the sky darkens and becomes a uniform sheet of gray. A funnel cloud pulls down from the cloudsheet and about a dozen figures pour out.

As the figures emerge, they spread out to hover over the walls. The figures begin chanting. Beams of light shoot out of the discs and collect in the middle of town. The light elongates and eventually forms a 30-foot tall pale face in a purple hood. No matter where a viewer stands, the head appears to be looking down at them specifically.

Zharko frantically pages through his thoughts for anything that may help him figure out what this is all about. He remembers a story of ‘riders of light’ he heard from a sailor he met long ago. He was at sea and they saw a strange light appear above a town, and when they got to the town the people were gone.

The face begins to speak. “You live your lives in folly. You worship corpse gods. You kneel to husks that are unable to or unwilling to aid you. You kill in the name of things that long ago abandoned this world.

We are the harbingers of* The Distant Prince*. The heralds of his coming storm. The Godless. We bring you a choice. Abandon your worship of the weak and unworthy deities and kneel in supplication to an entity with power, one with the ability to unify this wounded world, or be removed from this place by the faithful. By those deserving of this town.

In ten days’ time, The Crimson Hand will arrive at your gates. for your sake, let those gates be open.”

The light explodes, the beams of light retract, and the figures begin to fly in different directions. Vultus uses his ‘I am the law’ to command one of the figures to come down and face him.
“In the name of Lash, get the fuck down here!”
he shouts. There is a hiss audible even over the distance. A blur of hand movements and a string of words in a language that is altogether alien to the party’s ears are followed by an enormous fireball that begins to hurtle towards the masses in the market square

Vultus hunkers down and tries to shield nearby innocent townsfolk from the blast. He underestimates the force of the fireball. It pushes him backwards and slowly begins to lift his shield up and out of the way. He moves his shield to the side and turns around to place his back towards the fireball. The armor begins to act as a brand and sear his skin underneath. He will have burns for quite a while after this. It’ll take several days of rest and several coin worth of ointments to cure the boils and blisters and burns. The people in line further away from him that he was protecting get some 2nd degree burns but none of them die.

Vultus has the Scarred debility until he gets medical treatment.

Zharko successfully counters the effects of the spell (on himself, anyway). He pulls his hands out of his robes and moves them quickly in a complicated pattern. A glowing sphere appears around him and shields him from the flames.

Sam and Max attempt to weave through the crowd. She notices a family up ahead blocking Max’s path out. Unwilling to sacrifice the family to save her dog, she works to get them clear of the blast. Sadly for Max, this results in him getting burned by the fireball

Oric dextrously weaves through the crowd and gets out of the blast zone without any issue.

Rook uses his faith to protect himself. For a long time to come, people will speak of the cleric who crossed his arms and withstood a fireball completely unscathed.

Bill pushes the crowd out of the way to get to safety. In the process, though, he knocks some down. Those sad few are not as lucky when it comes to surviving the fireball. Two end up dead and three are pretty badly burned.

All told, around 30 people died in the fireball. Thanks to the actions of some of the party, 20 or so who would likely have died are alive, though in varying degrees of burntness. The town guards who were posted at the walls have arrived and work to transport the wounded to any apothecary or anyone they think could help.

Vultus comes up to the most wounded person he can find and lays hands on the person. The burns and blisters are still present, but the person’s breathing returns slightly more to normal and they seem to be in less pain.

Rook bends down and tries to cast his healing spell on some wounded. He’s successful, but attracts unwanted attention in the process. While some of the townspeople rally behind the show of faith, there are some citizens who see this as a sign of all of the things that got them in this trouble.
_“Your gods are what got us here in the first place! why don’t you take your prayers and get out of here!?” _
They begin to throw sticks and other bits of rubble at the cleric. He stands up and says “Remember that I stood up in defense of this town when enemies attacked. The fact that you would attack defenders of this town speaks more of you than it does of them.”
A few of them begin to walk away.

Bill finds the first person who threw something at rook and runs up and punches them in the face. The first person to throw something, though, was a young boy. Zharko attempts to stop Bill before he can get the hit off, but fails to do anything helpful in the situation. He is punched out of the way by Bill as the fighter continues his charge. He crushes the boy’s chest and he falls dead to the ground.

Sam finds Max in the crowd. His back half is burned to the point where he has no hair past his chest/stomach area. If needed, he could probably be used to help with tracking, but he would be useless in combat. She heads off to find an animal apothecary to tend to his burns. On the way towards the gates (southeast-ish) there is a well-respected individual that Sam has dealt with in the past. She asks if Max can be treated. She says she probably can, but will need some special herbs that will speed the healing. The herbs cost 15 Sam coin. When she returns, they are then ground up and turned into a paste to put on the wounds.

Sam loses 15 coin

WORLD BUILDING TIME: What IS the punishment for killing a kid?
*Murder isn’t descriminated by age. Was it self-defense? Crime of passion?
*Usually carries a death sentence. Except for really extenuating circumstances.
*Sort of explicitly in the bylines of the lash church to not hurt children.

Back to the market square!. Vultus has bound Bill’s hands and is trying to gag Bill, but he keeps wiggling the gag out. Ten heavily armed town guards arrive armed with polearms and hooks. They surround Vultus and Billl and tell Vultus that they are taking Bill with them to be detained. Vultus says he is coming with them because if Bill tries to escape, he will kill the half-orc himself. Rook feels partially responsible and follows along as well. He is formally charged, his name is taken, and he is led to his tiny cell.

Bill is locked in and a guard turns to the two party members who acted as escorts and talks to them briefly. He says the way the legal system is set up here is that an associate of the defendant acts as defense for them, and an associate also acts as the prosecutor. also, the prosecutor faces the same charge as the defendant if they are thought to be trying to ‘throw’ the case. Rook volunteers to defend and Vultus enthusiastically volunteers to prosecute.

Episode 13 (Underworld 6)
Lay Down and Drink your Sausage!

Present: Zharko, Sam, Oric

Zharko awakens to Jock shaking him. “Mister, are you alright? You look like shit. I’m pretty sure you’re not alright.” The wizard looks at his hand and Jock tells him that his hand looked pretty bad, so he tried to patch it up. “I put some ointment on it. It may smell funny and turn a weird color, but it’ll be ok, i promise.” Zharko asks him who he is and Jock tells him it isn’t important right now, as he is in danger of dying due to cold and blood loss. He helps Zharko stand. As he is trying to steady himself, Zharko feels an invisible hand on his shoulder steadying him.

As they walk, he asks Jock if he found a goat with him. Jock says yes and that he was bringing it back to the stables when an angry farmer came looking for it and he handed it over. He advises that they should get to the inn without Zharko being seen, or else things may go poorly for him.

They make it back to the inn without further issue and Zea, seeing how badly Zharko is doing, escorts him directly to his room. She sends for food to be brought to him and some time later the loinclothed elf from the tavern comes by with some sort of sausage soup. He drinks it and goes to sleep as instructed.

As Oric and Sam are looking for some jobs they can do, a farmer comes to the center of town and is shouting and angry. “That absolute bastard cursed my house, took my goat, and killed it!” The farmer begins to draw a crowd and the crowd too begins to get angry. Sam, figuring that Zharko is the cause of the commotion, tells Oric that they should probably work on smoothing the situation out. Sam walks over to him and asks him to come speak with the two of them in private so that they can resolve the issue without getting everyone riled up.

They follow him to his house where he places the goat down on the porch and sits on the ground and moans loudly into his hands. “I understand that this has not been the best day for you,” Sam says as she leans on the railing of the porch. “What can we do to make this day better?” The man says that they can kill the person who did this to his ‘prized milker’, but Sam offers to replace the goat instead. He says they own all the goats in town, but…. 60 coin would about cover it. She offers him 20 coin and the necklace they got back from Vella. He tells Sam to keep that evil wizard away and he will just tell everyone this was all a bad joke. If he sees Zharko again, there will be problems.

Sam loses 20 coin
Oric loses gift necklace

Sam and Oric head back towards the market district and are on their way when Jock gets their attention and tells them that he found Zharko and tried to clear things up as best he could and that the wizard is back at the inn. Oric asks about the status of the supplies he wanted from the alchemist. Jock tells him he got equivalent components that were cheaper to save them some coin. Oric hands him the 10 coin needed to buy the necessary materials and another 3 to buy a backpack and some supplies.

Oric loses 13 coin

Oric informs Elder Wells that they will be ready to go in the morning and the elder says that he’ll have the teams ready at the north entrance of town tomorrow morning. They head to the inn and Zea informs Sam and Oric that some deliveries have arrived for them and hands them a crate. Inside are 16 days worth of rations and 6 bottles of drunken hawk special reserve wine.

Oric gains 5 days’ rations
Oric gains 2 bottles of Drunken Hawk Special Reserve
Sam gains 5 days’ rations
Sam gains 2 bottles of Drunken Hawk Special Reserve
Zharko gains 5 days’ rations
Zharko gains 2 bottles of Drunken Hawk Special Reserve

Zharko, in a brief moment of consciousness, analyzes the situation in the snow and believes that the invisible servant contract is in effect again and that he should be able to call on those beings once more. After he goes back to sleep, Oric sneaks in and snags Zharko’s coinpurse. He takes enough to recoup the cost of the food Zharko walked out on paying for and the goat he killed. As he reaches around in the bag, he finds a rolled piece of paper tied with a string. He grabs that as well. After giving Sam her coin, he heads to his room to read the note. It’s actually addressed to him. “Oric, You promised to tell me everything” it says.

Zharko loses 23 coin
Sam gains 20 coin
Oric gains 3 coin

The next morning as the party heads down to the lobby, they are met by Jock (who is ready to set out on this adventure!) and Zea (who wants her damn keys back!). Jock also lets the group know that there are 9 people that the mayor sent waiting for them across the street in the tavern. Sam heads to pick up Max, and Oric and Zharko head to the tavern to meet with the party and get some breakfast respectively. Oric meets with the leaders of the groups and gives them a general sitrep on the cave itself and the dangers within. The leader of the guard group is uneasy when the otyugh is mentioned, but Oric reveals a plan to draw it out using the black powder charges he had Jock scrounge up. He spends some time making the powder he needs out of the gathered ingredients and the group all head to the undertrails

Oric gains 3 flash bombs (2d4 damage)

The town guard group tells the surveyors to stay in the back and get out of there if things get bad. Oric forms a plan with everyone to flush the otyugh into the crystal room where the melee fighters will be waiting down below and the ranged fighters will be on the ledge above. The surveyors are measuring the cavern size in different areas and are left to their work while the guards and the party set up in the crystal room.

Oric stalks off to the hallway and throws his first bomb. It doesn’t do much damage at all, but the main hope was to get this monster scared and moving. His second one lands closer and explodes with more force. This fully drives the monster out of its pool and it begins to chase after Oric. He makes it into the ambush room slightly before the beast as Sam uses her new special arrow on the otyugh and hits it in its open mouth. It grabs one of the guardsmen and flings him into a wall. His armor protects him from the impact but he is winded. Zharko follows up the shot by Sam with a magic missle burst on the monster. The volley severs some of the stalks and tentacles.

Oric loses 2 flash bombs

Using some of its remaining energy, the otyugh slings a tentacle around and sprays a foul liquid around the room. Sam loses her footing trying to avoid the liquid. The guardsman up with the ranged folks rolls safely away but slips in the blood from the otyugh and falls onto his back and Zharko deftly avoids touching anything gross. Oric tries to get the creature’s attention again by hucking a dagger at it.

The otyugh lunges at one of the downed guardsmen and sinks its long needle-like teeth into his leg and breaks the teeth off. The guardsman frees himself after much bleeding and shouting. Sam takes careful aim and shoots the monster in the brain, killing it instantly. It lets out a death gurgle and seems to almost deflate as fat maggots and large flies come out of it.

Oric comes up to the guard with the teeth in his leg and feeds him some of his oil of tagit to knock him out. He asks Jock to take a look at the wounds. Jock borrows Oric’s lockpicks and uses them to pinch the teeth back out of the man’s leg. Zharko asks for him to put the teeth in a pouch he has. Jock shrugs and does so.

Oric loses 1 Oil of Tagit
Zharko gains 20 otyugh teeth in pouch (needle-like)

Sam digs around in the Otyugh mouth to get her arrow back out. As she’s doing that, she hears something metallic under the tongue. She pulls the metallic object out and finds arm armor with something in the enclosed fist inside of a leathery pouch. Inside the pouch she finds 31 coin.

Sam gains 31 coin

Sam sends Max to get the surveyors and they all regroup. The two conscious guardsmen begin to rig up a carrying system for their wounded friend. They ask if there are any more dangers that they need to be present for, or if they can bring their friend back to town. She tells them they can leave and the rest of the group(s) continue onward.

When they arrive at the stagnant funk water room, the surveyors ask what the party thinks should be done: bridge? drain the water? something else? Zharko casts his detect magic spell to see if the water is magical in any way that would inhibit progress. He attempts to attune his sight to magic, but the spell has a hiccup or two and it ends up being his sense of taste that is attuned. He shrugs and just tells them to build a bridge. Oric also recommends draining the water. Sam agrees with the plan to divert the water.

They make it to the rubble pathway and talk about reopening it and Oric warns them to be careful because it’s already been rigged to fall once and may do so again. The group sets up camp and rests for a bit. Before long, everyone makes it to the exit of the undertrails. The team that was taking notes begins to head back to the town of Bendfirst, and the remaining three carry onwards with the adventurers.

The weather remains almost painfully cold, but the snow has cleared so travel isn’t overly difficult. It is nighttime, so the group heads back to their own lodgings. Oric brings Jock to stay at his place for the time being. Oric asks Zharko to come with him so that they can talk.

He tells Zharko that a gang called the Crimson Hand is responsible for the death of his parents and that they are working to gain a foothold in this town. He says that they’re ruthless and that if they get a foothold in the town it will be bad news for everyone. Zharko fusses him a bit for reading the book, but tells him that he is proud of him for staying sane after reading them. Zharko says that of course he is willing to help, and he thinks that anyone else in the group would be willing to help him too.

The next morning, everyone is walking towards the Fisherman’s Inn when they see Vultus, Rook, and Bill. The slow realization hits everyone that it’s become much darker than it is supposed to be at this time of day. An almost perfectly smooth gray cloud is covering the entire sky. The cloud is hanging strangely low. It begins to swirl and pull down into a funnel that reaches down to almost 100 feet above the town. twelve figures on glowing discs emerge and spread out to float over the walls of the town. A beam of light comes out of each disc and where they meet in the middle, an enormous hooded face can be seen.


Evolve Bond: Zharko → Oric: Oric has confided in me and I will aid him in his quest against the Crimson Hand

Create Bond: Sam → Oric: Oric has proven himself to be quite capable and I will aid him wherever I am able

Evolve Bond: Oric → Sam: Sam has shown herself to be a wise companion. I will go to her for guidance more often.

Zharko: 4xp (1 bond, 1 alignment, 1 notable monster, 1 fail)
Sam: 1xp (1 notable monster)
Oric: 3 xp (1 bond, 1 alignment, 1 notable monster)

Episode 12 (Underworld 5)
Wizards who Punch at Goats

Present: Oric, Sam, Zharko

Oric level to 3: Chooses BREWER move and raises Dexterity to 17

The group meets back up in the lobby of the inn in the morning. Zea is mad at them because she didn’t give them a key and wants to know how they got access to their rooms. Oric says the mayor OK’ed it and Zharko tries to explain it away saying that it was very late and they had just arrived from the caves to the north. She says nobody ever comes from there since there are monsters that way. Zharko says they befriended one and brought it to town and she sighs, says that she will leave that problem up to her husband to figure out, and brings up the matter of the six coin that is owed to her for the rooms they used. He gets close and uses his charm person spell to win her over and then gets directions to the mayor’s office and they head out.

The snow is almost waist height as the group leaves the building. Fur-clothed figures can be seen carrying large torches and walking between buildings, most likely in an effort to melt the snow between them. The path to the mayor’s house appears to be traversible. On their way the group spies an individual wearing shabby looking clothes. He’s a halfling and his age is hard to determine. He has a sign that says he is looking for work. Oric asks what work he’s looking for and the man replies “anything that pays, mister.”

Oric says he doesn’t have any work for him, but could use some information about the town. The man says for a coin he could be a guide for the day, or he is useful on journeys. Oric gives him a coin to be a guide and the man agrees until he hears that they’re going to visit the mayor. He hands the coin back and tells Oric to get back in touch with him after he talks to the mayor. Oric hands him two coins and tells him to wait for them in the tavern.

In front of the mayor’s house is Garrus, the town guard that Zharko caught on fire last night. He is not pleased to see them, surprisingly! They enter the house and are finally officially introduced to the mayor. He tell them his name is Elder Wells. Oric introduces himself and the others kind of sit around awkwardly and stare. Oric tells him again who they are and where they are from. Says they’re trying to work on setting up trade routes. Wells says that since they made it through the caves, it should probably be an easy task to simply widen the passages some to allow for carts and horses to make it through and the trade should be easy enough to start after that. Oric tells him about the dangers they faced on the way out.

He says that a trip through The Undertrails is hazardous and while making another trip would be possible, the party would expect to be compensated for their efforts. Elder Wells says that it would be his people putting for the effort to map the tunnels and expand them, so they are already putting their fair share in. He offers the group the excavated stone, if it would help them any.

The party debates other routes to take for a while, but Wells says that the mountains extend a ways to the south from where they exited The Undertrails and finally end in a very hostile land, so either option will have its challenges. They decide on The Undertrails route, and Wells offers to send a small contingent of town guards to assist, as well as two survey teams. One would scout the cave system and the other team would come to scout the rest of the journey, so that the city would know how much of a trek is involved and what the environs are.

The three adventurers head to the inn to have breakfast and discuss their plan. They walk into The Stout Smith’s Stouts & Sausages. They see the man from earlier sipping from a mug of steamy liquid. Oric sits down next to him and introduces himself. The man does the same and gives his name: Jock. Oric asks him about himself and he tells them that he was a traveler but he was beaten when out on the road and robbed and he’s too poor to afford to leave the town now, and it is too cold for him to head out on his own anyway. They ask him about his trade(s). He says he’s an adequate minstrel, a decent healer, and is loyal so long as he is getting paid. Oric offers to let him accompany them out of town when they leave. He asks simply for food and a coin a day. Oric agrees and says he has need of an alchemist, asking Jock if he knows of a dependable one. Jock asks what he needs specifically and Oric says he’s looking to make a device to help rid them of the great beast that remains in The Undertrails and needs black powder. He says he’ll do the best he can.

Zharko leaves during the conversation and there is a woman outside staring at him as he walks back to the inn. She has two men standing with her. Zharko mostly ignores her and goes on his way.

In the tavern, Oric pays the tab that Zharko walked out on and looks to buy a big haunch of meat to give to Felix. As Sam and Oric head out of the tavern they too see the old woman with her two companions. “Are you looking for me?” asks the woman. They get her name and find that yes, they were looking for her. This is Vella, but she must be in her 70s now, at least. “We’ve come here about your father,” Oric says. The woman tenses up and tells him “I’ve told the last several people who came by. I’m not responsible for his debts and I don’t know where he went.” He hands her the journal that they found in the cave and asks her to read it. She seems on the verge of tears as she tells him that she just assumed he had run off and started another family. He then hands her the doll and the necklace. She hands the doll to the skinnier man, named Logain and then hands Oric the necklace.

Oric tells her that they brought the creature that protected her father to town and offered to let her meet it. She said she would like that, and brings her two companions (who she explains are her sons) with them. They stop around the back of the tavern to get the meat haunch and make their slow trek to the barn through the snow-covered streets. The interior of the barn smells of blood and poop. Oric puts the haunch down and lights a torch.

Felix walks out to get the food and Oric introduces Vella to the beast. He then tells Felix who Vella is, and asks if he would like to stay with her. Felix nods and Oric passes his protection onto Vella. Before they leave, Felix pulls one of his scales off and hands it to Oric.

Vella thanks Oric and offers the group some of the wine from her vineyard to bring back to First Conquest. She is sending some of her best vintage. She wants the name of The Drunken Hawk to be thought of fondly all around the world! She asks how long of a trip it is to get back to their town. They tell her it is about 7 or 8 days’ walk to get back to FC. She offers to prepare trail rations to send them to The Bronze Balcony for them by nightfall.

Meanwhile, zharko is in the inn meditating. He focuses on his unseen servant and tries to figure out what is wrong with the spell. The room and walls and then the inn and the town itself begin to fade away. He then notices different creatures walking around. Some are blurry, some are smoky, and some are well defined when he looks at them but impossible to recall when he looks away. He is confident that these are the unseen servants he calls upon. The creatures take notice of him and begin to converge on him.

Some time later, one steps forward and holds out stumpy arms to him. Two others come up and put their hands on the shoulders of the first and say “this one’s usefulness has been taken. This one’s blood has been spilled. Will you make it right?” He asks what needs to be done to make it right. They tell them that there will be blood. there will be pain. He finally says OK ALRIGHT and goes to the front desk to ask where he can get a goat. He notices also that he has a strange dagger in his hand that he can’t really seem ot get rid of. He follows the directions Zea gives him and soon ends up at the door of the farmer’s house.

Zharko knocks on the door and a young girl answers. She sees the knife in his hand and then slams the door shut. The owner of the farm tells him to get lost and Zharko tells him that he needs one of the farmer’s goats. The farmer says he will pay a LOT extra if he wants to buy a goat to use for one of his strange magician rituals. Zharko tires of the exchange and casts Cause Fear on the door, making the farmer terrified of it. He shouts at Zharko to take the goat and leave his family alone and undo whatever it is that he did to the house. Zharko dispels the magic and walks off.

MEANWHILE, Oric heads to the market area looking for a better rapier. He takes the time to look over the weapons available to find the best option. After settling on a good upgrade and trading in his own sword, he is ready to head out.

Oric loses regular rapier.
Oric gains dueling rapier (1 piercing)
Oris loses 40c

Sam wanders off while Oric is shopping and comes across a strange merchant wearing a long trench coat. He offers her a deal on some special arrows. Somehow these arrows have perfect accuracy? It costs 5 coin per arrow, though. They’re mystic arrows carved in a dark cave by a blind fletcher. Sam is suspicious of the offer, and the merchant offers her a token to show to other similar merchants. She finally relents and buys one arrow out of curiosity. She then heads to look around for a side job she can do to earn some coin.

Sam loses 5c
Sam gains special arrow pouch
Sam gains Arrow of Acheron (ammo 1)
Sam gains Strange Merchant Coin (clay, shiny hooded face on it)

Zharko heads into the barn. He grabs one of the goats by the lead and walks it out of the building. He leads it out to some cliffs near the barn and then binds it legs so it can’t run off. He flips it onto its back and attempts to drive the dagger into it, but finds that the dagger is in his other hand now. He tries one more time with the same result. He sighs, breaks the goats neck, and then cuts his hand open. Blood pours out of the wound into the air and then seems to flow into blood vessels and begins to take the shape of a person. Zharko passes out in the snow.


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