Solitary: It lives and fights alone.
Devious: Its main danger lies beyond the simple clash of battle.
Intelligent: It’s smart enough that some individuals pick up other skills.

Dagger (d6 damage); – Close
12 HP; 0 Armor

Special Qualities: Shapeshifting

Their natural form, if you ever see it, is hideous. Like a creature who stopped growing part-way, before it decided it was elf or man or dwarf. Then again, maybe that’s how you get to be the way a doppelgänger is—without form, without shape to call their own, maybe all they really seek is a place to fit in. If you go out into the world, when you come back home, make sure your friends are who you think they are. They might, instead, be a doppelgänger and your friend might be dead at the bottom of a well somewhere. Then again, depending on your friends, that might be an improvement.

Instinct: To infiltrate

  • Assume the shape of a person whose flesh it’s tasted
  • Use another’s identity to advantage
  • Leave someone’s reputation shattered


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