That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 14

Spreading Skeleton Democracy

PRESENT: Bill, Rook, Vultus, Sam, Zharko, Oric

Rook, Vultus, and Bill decide that they will head to First Conquest immediately. The problem, however, is that the trip is almost six days and they have rations enough for half that. They figure it is best to pay a visit to The Bonehive and see if they can trade for some food.

They arrive at the* Everlight Lagoon* around 3am. Rolland comes up and looks at them expectantly. They propose the trade for food and Rolland says “I have told you before that whatever you need, we would try to provide. You have protected this town and to us you are citizens of Coldoaks. Take what you need for your journey.” They accept three days of rations and prepare to leave.

Rook gains 3 uses of rations
Bill gains 3 uses of rations
Vultus gains 3 uses of rations

Before they leave, we do the undertake a dangerous journey roll.
Rook is quartermaster
Vultus is the scout
Bill is trailblazer

Rook’s quartermastering experience allows the party to actually use less rations than intended (maybe with some ‘unorthodox’ additions to the rations they DO eat.) Vultus and Bill do their job competently. They do not bump into any obstacles or get lost. As they pass the Mirthless Marsh, they see a goblin party out hunting. Grinkle is with the hunting party and the two groups wave at each other as they pass by.

The three adventurers arrive at the gates of First Conquest. A guard asks them how the journey went. Rook says they made contact with some town. They made good contact with one, and less good contact with another. The guard says that a group of dwarves on a cart came in a day or so ago.

They go through the gate and begin to make their way to The Saint Sister’s lodging. It’s a weird setup. No matter which way you face in the market square, her house is to the right. (she actually has like 5 buildings that she owns all around the market). As they make their way to the house, they see the other three party members from before the split! As they walk over to each other, the sky darkens and becomes a uniform sheet of gray. A funnel cloud pulls down from the cloudsheet and about a dozen figures pour out.

As the figures emerge, they spread out to hover over the walls. The figures begin chanting. Beams of light shoot out of the discs and collect in the middle of town. The light elongates and eventually forms a 30-foot tall pale face in a purple hood. No matter where a viewer stands, the head appears to be looking down at them specifically.

Zharko frantically pages through his thoughts for anything that may help him figure out what this is all about. He remembers a story of ‘riders of light’ he heard from a sailor he met long ago. He was at sea and they saw a strange light appear above a town, and when they got to the town the people were gone.

The face begins to speak. “You live your lives in folly. You worship corpse gods. You kneel to husks that are unable to or unwilling to aid you. You kill in the name of things that long ago abandoned this world.

We are the harbingers of* The Distant Prince*. The heralds of his coming storm. The Godless. We bring you a choice. Abandon your worship of the weak and unworthy deities and kneel in supplication to an entity with power, one with the ability to unify this wounded world, or be removed from this place by the faithful. By those deserving of this town.

In ten days’ time, The Crimson Hand will arrive at your gates. for your sake, let those gates be open.”

The light explodes, the beams of light retract, and the figures begin to fly in different directions. Vultus uses his ‘I am the law’ to command one of the figures to come down and face him.
“In the name of Lash, get the fuck down here!”
he shouts. There is a hiss audible even over the distance. A blur of hand movements and a string of words in a language that is altogether alien to the party’s ears are followed by an enormous fireball that begins to hurtle towards the masses in the market square

Vultus hunkers down and tries to shield nearby innocent townsfolk from the blast. He underestimates the force of the fireball. It pushes him backwards and slowly begins to lift his shield up and out of the way. He moves his shield to the side and turns around to place his back towards the fireball. The armor begins to act as a brand and sear his skin underneath. He will have burns for quite a while after this. It’ll take several days of rest and several coin worth of ointments to cure the boils and blisters and burns. The people in line further away from him that he was protecting get some 2nd degree burns but none of them die.

Vultus has the Scarred debility until he gets medical treatment.

Zharko successfully counters the effects of the spell (on himself, anyway). He pulls his hands out of his robes and moves them quickly in a complicated pattern. A glowing sphere appears around him and shields him from the flames.

Sam and Max attempt to weave through the crowd. She notices a family up ahead blocking Max’s path out. Unwilling to sacrifice the family to save her dog, she works to get them clear of the blast. Sadly for Max, this results in him getting burned by the fireball

Oric dextrously weaves through the crowd and gets out of the blast zone without any issue.

Rook uses his faith to protect himself. For a long time to come, people will speak of the cleric who crossed his arms and withstood a fireball completely unscathed.

Bill pushes the crowd out of the way to get to safety. In the process, though, he knocks some down. Those sad few are not as lucky when it comes to surviving the fireball. Two end up dead and three are pretty badly burned.

All told, around 30 people died in the fireball. Thanks to the actions of some of the party, 20 or so who would likely have died are alive, though in varying degrees of burntness. The town guards who were posted at the walls have arrived and work to transport the wounded to any apothecary or anyone they think could help.

Vultus comes up to the most wounded person he can find and lays hands on the person. The burns and blisters are still present, but the person’s breathing returns slightly more to normal and they seem to be in less pain.

Rook bends down and tries to cast his healing spell on some wounded. He’s successful, but attracts unwanted attention in the process. While some of the townspeople rally behind the show of faith, there are some citizens who see this as a sign of all of the things that got them in this trouble.
_“Your gods are what got us here in the first place! why don’t you take your prayers and get out of here!?” _
They begin to throw sticks and other bits of rubble at the cleric. He stands up and says “Remember that I stood up in defense of this town when enemies attacked. The fact that you would attack defenders of this town speaks more of you than it does of them.”
A few of them begin to walk away.

Bill finds the first person who threw something at rook and runs up and punches them in the face. The first person to throw something, though, was a young boy. Zharko attempts to stop Bill before he can get the hit off, but fails to do anything helpful in the situation. He is punched out of the way by Bill as the fighter continues his charge. He crushes the boy’s chest and he falls dead to the ground.

Sam finds Max in the crowd. His back half is burned to the point where he has no hair past his chest/stomach area. If needed, he could probably be used to help with tracking, but he would be useless in combat. She heads off to find an animal apothecary to tend to his burns. On the way towards the gates (southeast-ish) there is a well-respected individual that Sam has dealt with in the past. She asks if Max can be treated. She says she probably can, but will need some special herbs that will speed the healing. The herbs cost 15 Sam coin. When she returns, they are then ground up and turned into a paste to put on the wounds.

Sam loses 15 coin

WORLD BUILDING TIME: What IS the punishment for killing a kid?
*Murder isn’t descriminated by age. Was it self-defense? Crime of passion?
*Usually carries a death sentence. Except for really extenuating circumstances.
*Sort of explicitly in the bylines of the lash church to not hurt children.

Back to the market square!. Vultus has bound Bill’s hands and is trying to gag Bill, but he keeps wiggling the gag out. Ten heavily armed town guards arrive armed with polearms and hooks. They surround Vultus and Billl and tell Vultus that they are taking Bill with them to be detained. Vultus says he is coming with them because if Bill tries to escape, he will kill the half-orc himself. Rook feels partially responsible and follows along as well. He is formally charged, his name is taken, and he is led to his tiny cell.

Bill is locked in and a guard turns to the two party members who acted as escorts and talks to them briefly. He says the way the legal system is set up here is that an associate of the defendant acts as defense for them, and an associate also acts as the prosecutor. also, the prosecutor faces the same charge as the defendant if they are thought to be trying to ‘throw’ the case. Rook volunteers to defend and Vultus enthusiastically volunteers to prosecute.



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