That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 15

A Compelling Case Against Free Will

PRESENT: Bill, Oric, Rook, Sam, Vultus, Zharko

Trial Info:
They get three days to gather any evidence and witnesses and reference materials.


  • 2 speakers (equivalent to attorneys here)
  • Denounced- Accused of the crime (Defendant) (Bill)
  • Inquisitor – Speaker for the city (Prosecution attorney) (Vultus)
  • Sentinel – Speaker for the denounced (Defense attorney) (Rook)
  • Arbiters – 2 judges – final decision makers
  • The Flock – The gathered townsfolk who come to watch the trial
  • Orator – elected position given to a townsperson. they speak as the voice of the flock

Stages of trial

  • Conception (the research part) – The case is born into the minds of the speakers. They form their hopes and dreams for how the case will grow and develop.
  • Revelation (opening arguments) – The case is laid bare and introduced to the world.
  • The World of Stone and Word (fact + evidence) – Case is shaped by the facts and evidence that are available. Evidence/precedents are presented.
  • The Pious Mouth (prosecution witness) – the inquisitor calls a witness whose testimony will give meat to the inquisitor’s case and help to sway the arbiters and flock to their side.
  • The Meek Appeal (defense witness) – the sentinel calls a witness who will paint the denounced in a sympathetic manner and try to put their actions in a good light.
  • The Radiant Mind (judge witness) – the arbiters call someone to the stand. both sides may ask questions, and then the arbiters ask a few themselves.
  • Remembrances (closing arguments) – the life of the case ends. like the end of all lives, we celebrate the life that it lived. we recap the highs and the lows.
  • The Flock Speaks (jury speaks) – though a life is gone, it touches those around it. the final voice is that of the town itself. of the world itself. the orator considers the facts of the case and gives a recommendation to the arbiters. you must simply sit and hope.
  • A Just Record (final decision) – the gathered masses leave. Those who remain are the arbiters, the speakers, and the denounced. the only thing recorded is the outcome of the trial. all other words and actions will fade into memory.

The trial will commence in three days. The two speakers must make preparations!

When you spend time before the trial preparing, roll. If you have reference materials, roll + INT
10+: 3 hold to use during the trial
7-9 : 1 hold to use during the trial
<6 : Give opposition 1 hold. If they use it, you get an extra XP

Vultus plans to look for any family he can find for the deceased child. (Rolls 4)

Rook begins with prayer. He has an… ‘alternative’ method of defense planned. He will also seek out anyone who can tell him how law is practiced in the town so he can make sure he follows all the procedures and rules. (Rolls 8)

Vultus: 0hold
Rook: 2hold (1xp to vultus if vultus hold is used)

During this time, Oric is looking into finding any dead drops or hideouts that The Crimson Hand may have in town. Zharko feels that the trial is a distraction from the big thing that everyone should be worried about and decides to help Oric out.

Sam is looking for something to do in general, so she puts the word out that she is willing and able to help out anyone who needs help with any research or tracking or investigation. Vultus is eager and willing to accept her assistance. With her doing some research as well, he is able to prepare a much better plan than he first had on his own. She finds that there is precedent that people on trial for crimes of passion were on occasion let off scot free, whereas others (mostly out-of-towners, of which Bill is one) were usually much more harshly prosecuted. If precedent follows, since he is an outsider, things will… be not good for Bill.

Thanks to Zharko’s assistance, Oric makes headway on getting info on The Crimson Hand members in First Conquest. They start to notice red handprints in varying places that are out of the way and not immediately noticeable. They find that there is an abandoned house by one of the walls and an abandoned warehouse in the back of the merchant district. They seem well-traveled which is odd since both of the buildings are dilapidated and out of the way. The house near the edge of town had a ciphered copy of the guard rotation. The warehouse had, tucked far in the back, a few sets of guard armor replicas. They know now that an infiltration of the guard ranks is going to happen soon, if it hasn’t yet.

MEANWHILE BACK IN PRISON: Bill is in the mess hall and decides for…. reasons? to bash someone’s head in with a dinner tray. * Adrian Cook* is sitting at the table eating his gruel with bits of “meat?” in it when Bill comes up and bashes him with the tray. Once the tray breaks he grabs the man by the head and cracks his face into the wooden table. Blood begins to pool on the table and between the slats onto the floor. Two guards rush up and bludgeon Bill over the head with clubs and drag him to a higher security area.

Time leap to that night for Bill: A shorter woman with long black hair and olive skin wearing closely-gathered robes comes up to Bill’s cell. She comes up close to the cell to where only he can hear her talk (not close enough to be grabbed). She says “you’re an easy person to find, but an expensive person to get to talk to. What exactly was the point of that ‘show’ of yours earlier?” Bill denies doing anything at first and then comes clean. She asks if he is affiliated with Oric and Bill eventually admits to that too. She asks if Bill knows where she would be able to find Oric in the town. He tells her no. She asks Bill to pass on a message to Oric if he ends up seeing him again. “Tell him an old friend will be waiting at the fountain.” Bill denies her request. The woman puts a small wooden figurine on the horizontal bar of the cell and walks away. The figurine looks like soldier. it was probably originally painted nicely at one point in time. Bill cracks it in half.

Bill gain 2 pieces of wooden soldier.

At the end of the day as Sam is leaving town to head to her house in the woods, one of the guards stops her and recommends that she spend the night indoors in town. they’ve seen… some stuff. People emerging from the woods and standing there for hours and watching. They’re barely visible in the shadows and when people go to investigate, red handprints are found on some of the trees.

Oric is back at home and is looking through some of his old stuff and looking for clues. He gets a knock on the door! Sam’s there and she tells him about what she heard regarding the creepy lurkers in the shadows outside of town. Oric says it meshes with what he and Zharko have been seeing. He suggests that Sam bring the news to the guard captain, as he is probably unwelcome there. He also says that when he last interacted with them, the crimson hand were a gang of thugs, and not these fireball-throwing guys. He hands her the ciphered guard schedule and as sam is getting ready to head out, the two of them hear a panicked banging on the door. Oric opens it and Aunt Rose comes in. She slaps him in the face and shouts “you son of a bitch! this is your fault!” as she shoves a crumpled note into his chest. Oric reads it.

“Tell the thief to bring the amulet or your family tree will be pruned once more.”

Oric tells her that he doesn’t have the amulet. “They’ve got Griff. so you need to find it, or make one that looks like it so they will stop killing our family members.” Oric promises that they’ll find Griff and she says “for your sake you’d better.”


Zharko plans to use his invisibility spell to observe one of the more likely meet/drop spots to see if he can find someone to tail. He starts with the house w/ the ciphered guard schedule on it per Oric’s recommendation. It is currently around 12:30 or 1. Zharko sees two figures approach. they walk the block a few times. One bends down to ‘tie his shoe’ and scans up and down the street. He coughs and the other goes inside the house. Zharko stays next to the one that didn’t go in. A few minutes later he emerges again and Zharko hears the one who went inside tell the other “it looks like we are all set for midday tomorrow. you know the place?” ‘Yeah’ “Ok, well i’ll see you there, then.”

The two individuals split up in different directions. Zharko follows the one he was tailing before as he heads towards the gates out of town. Before he gets to the gate, Zharko touches him on the shoulder and casts charm person, dispelling his invisibility spell. The man freezes for a second and turns around and sees his old friend! “Hey, where’s that thing going down?” Zharko asks. The man shushes him. ‘You know the center of town where they had the big fireball?’ he asks. ‘Go north of that, towards the docks. Third street off to the left. Two buildings down. There’s a meeting house that we keep unmarked. since it’s special. where we keep the good stuff? we’re meeting there and then we’re going to do our replacement.’ He also tells Zharko that the boss is coming to town when the gates are forced open. Zharko finishes his conversation with the man and then heads to find Oric and fill him in.

Zharko arrives and tells oric what he learned and makes special note of the fact that the boss is coming to town. Oric tells Zharko that the boss coming is very bad news. He says he doesn’t know much about the boss, but his coming bodes ill for everyone.

MEANWHILE: Sam made it to the guardhouse. She heads up to talk to one of the people in charge for this duty shift. Looks like Evelyn is in charge tonight. She’s got a decent working relationship with Sam. Evelyn checks in to see how Max is doing and then they get down to business. Sam tells her about what they found out and presents Evelyn with the ciphered guard rotation. Evelyn says that this couldn’t have come at a worse time because they just started training new recruits, so infiltration is much easier right now than it would be normally. Sam asks after Griff and Evelyn said that he is reported to have come in as of last night. He probably got off a few hours ago, and he would have been on one of the quieter, less ‘active’ areas since they were trying to get him back up to speed slowly since his leg loss. Sam thanks her for the info and heads out. She goes to Laurel’s veterinary office and spends the night there so she can be near max.

Bill is delivered food in his prison cell. The slop in his bowl is poured on the ground in the cell and the guard says “eat up, monster. You’d better enjoy these last few meals you get.”

Oric heads to get Vultus and Rook. They’re in a wing of the regular town archive that has to do with legal proceedings. He tells them everything that he and Sam and Zharko found out the previous day, and tells them that the leader of The Crimson Hand coming to town is big time bad news. Vultus proposes they find the heretics, kill all but one, and bring the other in for public interrogation. They talk about the plan on the way. They stop by the vets office after asking around for Sam and find her, bring her up to speed as well, and get ready to roll out.

*TIME: *
2 days of trial prep remain
0.5 days until ‘the replacement’

Vultus: 1 hold
Rook: 2 hold (1xp to vultus if you use hold gained from vultus’ failure)



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