That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 18

The Nipple Stuff Never Happened

Present: Bill, Vultus, Rook, Zharko, Sam, Oric

Flash back to bill in the prison.
He’s in solitary at the moment. A guard comes into the area leading two other people and is grinning like an idiot the whole time. The two others dismiss the guard. The woman from before (brought bill the wooden soldier) is there along with a similar-looking man. Both are in their 50s or 60s, with olive skin and dark hair.

The woman steps forward and asks Bill if he has had the opportunity to talk to oric. Bill says no and reminds her that he has been in jail. She says that she has a proposal that could maybe… end with him not in jail? She heads to the doorway they came through, peeks outside of it, and then closes it. The man steps forward now and says ‘this town would see you die for the things that you’ve done. Do you wish to die?’ Bill says he feels like he may deserve it. The man repeats his question, and bill repeats his answer.

He changes his tactics some and asks bill if he would like to leave his cell; if he would be willing to forsake the town. Bill says he could leave any time he wanted to, to which the man asks why he hasn’t done so yet, in that case. “Because I deserve to be here.” The man asks why Bill bothers to follow the laws and gods of these humans, when he can be truly free elsewhere? Bill asks how he can be expected to follow them to this place when he is in jail. The man is confused and then tells him again that they can get him out of prison.

They discuss back and forth and then finally Bill says that once they let him out, he will not go with them. The man says “well, enjoy the rest of your life. You’ve got, what, two more days? Hope it’s fun.” Bill then proceeds to rip the cell door off of its hinges. He does so in a way that doesn’t take very long, doesn’t permanently damage anything, and doesn’t make much noise.

The woman asks Bill if he will come with them or head out on his own. He tells her that he is going to rejoin his friends. She wishes him luck and holds open the door for him to walk out. He remembers from being brought in here that he is in the furthest back area of the prison complex. After the solitary area is an armored door that leads to the main prison area that leads to the mess hall, which leads to intake, which leads to the guard HQ, which leads to outside.

He chooses to set out to find his gear. The door leading out of solitary is unbarred and the smiling guard from before is there. He lets bill through and smiles at him with a weird glossed over look in his eyes. He hears the prisoners in their cells calling to Bill to help them get out. He says ‘no’ and walks away. He walks through the mess hall area, which now has a dingy white cloth laid over the table bill killed a guy on, and tries the door to the intake area but finds that it is locked. He uses his ‘bend bars, lift gates’ move again with the same results as before. It is quiet, not overly damaging, and quick.

He walks into the intake area of the prison complex and sees two people sitting behind desks and filling out paperwork. One of them looks up, sees Bill, salutes him, and goes back to working on paperwork. He says “hello gentlemen” and the other guard looks up from his paperwork and demands to know how he got out of solitary. The guard gets up and goes to reach for his sword but the one that saluted bill pulls a dagger from his boot and buries it under the breastplate of the guard’s armor. He tells Bill that he’s going to make a quick stop over at the cliff face out back and needs Bill to NOT be here when he gets back. He then says ‘may the hand guide you always’ and begins to drag the guard out. Bill heads to the barracks, still in search of his equipment. There are two rooms in the hallway. On the left hand he can hear the muffled sounds of conversation, and to the right there is the sound of a weapon being sharpened. Bill chooses the right hand door.

He walks in and sees a frail old man hunched over and sharpening a short sword with a whetstone. He asks Bill if he is a new recruit and he says that he is. The man asks if he brought a requisition order for equipment and Bill says he didn’t get one because he’s not sure of the policies of the place yet. Not wanting to cause any issues, he takes an offered box of starter gear instead of trying to force his way past to get to his own equipment. Inside the box is a sword that is somewhere between a dagger and shortsword in size and some leather armor with the town crest on it.

Now that he has the box, Bill heads to the left door. There are a few guards sitting around a table playing cards and when the door opens, they all look towards him. Bill recognizes two of them as the ones who dragged him to solitary before.

The flares fired by both groups outside of the walls go off and the gathered masses begin to head back into the woods. Vultus shouts for the ones outside of the main gate to drop their arms and surrender immediately. They ignore his demand, though they begin to move slightly faster on their journey back into the woods. At the southern wall, the only remaining figure not leaving is The Crimson Sigil. He says “it’s a shame this couldn’t be resolved peacefully.” Rook says things CAN end peacefully if the Sigil surrenders and acknowledges the power of the gods. It laughs and says “I know that they existed at a time, but you seem to believe that they have power in this world and are worth following.” It tells Rook that The Crimson Hand will leave. First Conquest will have the previously given amount of time to prepare. It wants the city to mount the biggest force and resistance they can so that when they are utterly crushed by The Crimson Hand’s forces they will see how foolish they were for not changing sides when they could.

Rook runs up and smacks it with his mace. He connects with The Crimson Sigil’s arm and the bolt that controls the armblade snaps off. It responds by planting one of its feet into the ground and then using the other to kick Rook in the chest real REAL hard. Zharko attempts to cast his dispel magic spell on the robot. After casting the spell, he loses the ability to recast it until he prepares again. The only spell he can detect is the Cloudkill, strangely enough. It seems as if The Crimson Sigil is a blank space when it comes to magic. The robot begins to walk away and Oric and Rook follow after it. Oric is doing his best to stay hidden while following. He is able to remain undetected by humanoids but runs afoul of a rather venomous snake that is in his path. An expertly thrown dagger pins the snake to the ground before it can strike and Oric continues stalking behind the procession.

Vultus is being pushy and asking them all about their allegiance to the gods and such to try and suss out if there are crimson hand sympathizers. He gives his normal prepared speech and looks to gauge their reactions (1f xp vultus). Totally misreading the situation, he thinks they are super interested and then continues on with his whole prepared speech.

Sam, meanwhile, decides that she wants to head out after the group and see where they go. She uses her_ Hunt and Track_ skill to try and see where they go. She follows the trail for half an hour or so through the woods and ends up at a cliff that goes about 30 feet up from where she is standing. At the bottom of the cliff face is a round-ish entrance to a cave/tunnel system that’s been carved out. The trail is untrackable on the flat stone floor, so she turns back and heads towards town again to let people know what’s up.

Vultus moves his speech around to a different area still near the gates


Zharko is sitting on the wall looking anxiously for his friends to return. He ends the Cloudkill effect and paces back and forth.


Bill walks into the barracks, the guards see him, a table is flipped. He runs off as fast as he can back into the town itself, trying to lose the guards in the winding streets and crowds.(1f xp bill) He has a bit more endurance than the guards and manages to lose them as he weaves through the streets. Unfortunately for him he wanders right into the area where Vultus is giving his ‘come to Lash’ speech. He falls down and Vultus comes over, plants his knee in bill’s back, and tries to tie him up. The guards arrive 2 minutes or so later. The guards ask if Bill is dead and make comments about how it would make their jobs much easier if he was.

Vultus asks Bill how he got out of prison. He says he broke out. Vultus decides that an immediate punishment that needs to be carried out is that he will remove one of bill’s hands. Bill immediately begins to resist and lashes out at Vultus.



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