That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 22

Trials and Tribulation

Present: Oric, Sam, Bill, Vultus, Rook, Zharko

Oric is getting choked out by a cloak! He grabs the needle he pulled from the target and jabs it into the cloak. The tightening ceases, but it isn’t getting any looser. He realizes that in order to remove the cloak he has to undo the clasp and in order to have enough slack to undo the clasp, he needs to tighten it slightly. He tries to endure the swimmy feeling and get the clamp off. (1f xp oric) He gets the clasp off, but passes out on the floor. Camera pans to look out the window, time accelerates, and the sun rises on the horizon.

A bell rings at The Level Plane, the area of town where the trials are held. An hour remains until the trial begins. Vultus sits in his room, looks over his notes, and prays to prepare for what is to come. Rook does the same, but in a different room. He leaves to escort bill to the trial area. Oric walks into town and heads to where the sound of the bells are coming from. Zharko finishes his breakfast at the tavern and heads to the trial area also. Sam wants to go, but plans on being there a few hours late.

Before Bill is taken to the trial, someone comes in and cleans him with a dirty sponge and a pan full of water. He’s tossed a stained linen jumpsuit to wear. Rook berates the attendants for half-assing their duty. One of them tells Rook that this is the only jumpsuit in his size and that this is relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Rook uses his sanctify spell to bless and purify the linens and water and sponge. This is a ritual that is to be carried out so that a person can face judgement with dignity and there is none to be found in this place.

As Zharko arrives and finds a seat he casts his Detect Magic spell to make sure nothing hinky is going on in the courtroom. There’s a magical amulet being worn by one of the arbiters, and a few minor enchantments on jewelry to make it shiny, or other cosmetic things.

Order is called and the arbiters walk out. One is the Saint Sister, and the other is one of the guard lieutenants, named Valerie. Bill is led out to his seat, a simple stone bench with a metal ring near his feet for the chains to be fed through to prevent escape. Valerie asks him to state his name and say why he was on trial. Rook objects to the second part. “The situation is grave.", he says. "It’s serious. This person is being accused of a crime. We can do that in the way that follows this town’s laws and order without having to resort to theatrics. We don’t need to try and trick people into admitting to things they’ve not been convicted of. Shame on this court for not working to the true order of this city.”

As Vultus stands up and begins to read the charges, Bill quietly breaks the chains tethering him to the ring on the floor. At the moment nobody seems to notice it. He pleads guilty to killing the child, but not guilty to the charges of killing the guy in the prison, escaping the prison, or injuring a member of the church. He confirms that he knows the consequences for the killing of the child are severe, but says he wants to go through the trial for the rest of the charges.

Opening statements

Evidence presented:
Vultus shows off the big crazy bootprint in his armor and the bruise he got from bill.
Rook enters Bill’s impressive strength in as evidence by having him break the table in front of him.

Zharko stands up and shouts some things as Rook and Vultus are debating. Order is quickly restored and then the arbiters call a short recess. Oric sneaks off to try and listen in on their discussion. The small house that the arbiters are sequestered in has guards posted all around it, making infiltration difficult. He gets onto the roof and makes enough noise to alert a guard but finds a small chimney on the roof. He slips into the chimney before the guard can get to a point where he’d be visible and shimmies on down. At the bottom he sees that the building is split up into two smaller rooms. The Saint Sister is on one side and Valerie is on the other side and both are looking over some books and notes and drinking some water. He listens to them discussing Bill’s chances and decides to stay hidden for a while longer at least.

Sam has finally arrived and the townspeople are gathered and working on discussing who will be the voice of the town. Alfonso Weaver, the father of the slain child, is chosen. A guard comes to the arbiter building and tells them a decision has been made and that they are needed back in the court area. The Saint Sister drops her papers on accident and tells Valerie to go on ahead and that she’ll catch up momentarily. Oric slides down out of the chimney and knocks the Saint Sister out. He takes her form and a short time later another guard knocks on the door to escort her back to the trial. Saint Oric follows and heads back to her place on the arbiter bench.



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