That DnD Podcast Dungeon World Campaign

Episode 23

Reap what you Sow

*PRESENT: Bill, Rook, Oric, Sam, Zharko, Vultus *

The arbiters reemerge from their seclusion building. Valerie looks over at Saint Oric and says ‘Hey are you ok? You don’t look so great.’ Saint Oric brushes the question off and blames it on some bad food or something. She also asks Valerie to take the lead on the proceedings, which she accepts without any resistance. * The Voice of the Flock* is officially introduced to the arbiters and takes his seat on a smaller podium to the right of the main big judge podium thing.

The Pious Mouth
Vultus calls Violet Whiteraven, a barmaid from The Foul Wand. She testifies that Bill comes in often to drink and usually likes to be left alone. Seems like her testimony was more beneficial to the defense than prosecution.

Oric wakes up on the floor of his house. The cloak has retreated to the corner. He locks it in a footlocker he has and then heads to the trial, thinking of ways to cover up his gnarly ligature marks.

The Meek Appeal
Rook calls upon Foz herself. He casts his Guidance spell and leads everyone in prayer. He casts successfully, but Foz revokes the spell for the time being. He asks Foz how she would have him proceed with this part of the trial. An executioner’s axe appears, points towards Bill, and then raises and swings down as if it is chopping something. Vultus elects to not ask Foz any questions. Valerie defers to* Saint Oric* on the whole ‘question god’ thing and Saint Oric nervously states that they have no need to ask further questions of Foz . When she says this, the axe points in her direction, vibrates for a bit, and then shimmers and disappears. Rook tries to assess the situation but doesn’t find anything out of the ordinary (1f xp rook)

Oric shows up (now wearing a scarf?) and sees Sam and Zharko sitting down in the crowd and goes over to talk to Sam. She comments on his scarf and he tells her about the cloaker that choked him out last night.

The Radiant Mind
The arbiters call Bardon Kegbeard to the stand. Older dwarf. Looks like some of his beard has been cut out. He’s led out in chains. He tells the arbiters that Rook and Bill and Vultus killed many of his townspeople and turned them into skeletons. The witness is terrified of the three party members and appears to be in obvious distress. Saint Oric tries to let the witness go before the two speakers have a chance to question him. Valerie is confused and asks how the Saint Sister could have made such a mistake. She’s done this plenty of times! Vultus says he has no questions for the witness, but Rook does. He shows that the army from Scrabhearst was in the wrong and that the three party members were acting to protect the people of The Everlight Lagoon and* the nearby town*Coldoaks*, that asked them for help.

The witness is escorted back to his ‘rehabilitiation’ room and both Vultus and Rook raise objections to how he is being treated. Valerie says that the discussion about his treatment can be done after the trial if they so wish to petition for a change of treatment for him.

Before remembrances, Bill is allowed to speak.
“I’m sorry for what I’ve done. Things i’ve done that I know were wrong. I’m not sorry for kicking Vultus in the leg. And to the father of the child, I am sorry for the events that transpired. If I could take that back, I would do that in an instant. I also have a child and if someone were to do to my child what i did to yours, I’d want vengeance. But all I ask is for me to be able to keep my life and live it out in exile and never return to this town again. My death will not bring you peace. It will not bring your child back. But I can attempt to redeem myself. All i ask is the opportunity to life my life in exile with my family and do what i can to atone for the things i’ve done. I am truly sorry.”

Vultus- “The denounced is clearly misinterpreting what repentance truly is. He does not feel guilty for the majority of the crimes he committed while theoretically of sane mind and sound body and he only asks to not face a single consequence. So, as opposed to allowing that abortion of justice to transpire, I move for the closest thing to justice that we can get. You claim to feel remorse for killing your child and yet you want to spend the rest of your days with yours. That is not justice. "

Rook – “There is but one arbiter of final justice. That is not man. It is god. Whether or not we judge him to be guilty is irrelevant. You’re simply asking him to be sent to his final judgement more quickly or less quickly. Here’s the thing. We have use for him here. I would ask that he be released into my care. I would point him at our enemies. We have an army stationed outside of our town. We are in the middle of a war and are holding a trial. I’d rather empty the jail and press them into service than kill some of the few able bodied people that we have. It’s ludicrous. If he dies in combat he would meet his maker just the same as if he was executed.”

The Voice of the Flock steps forward. His face is red, knuckles are white and fists are clenched. He paces back and forth as he speaks. “I don’t know why we went through this this farce of a trial. You killed my child, and for that alone you should die. Then you went to jail, where people are sent to atone for their crimes, and you killed someone else? And then you just felt it was your right to free yourself? This was a waste of everyone’s time. With everything going on outside of the gates, this is time that was wasted that could be spent preparing. My vote, orc, is that you are executed and my only wish is that I would be the one to swing the axe." Then he walks off.

Valerie stands up and dismisses all but the denounced, the arbiters, and the speakers

Zharko heads out and finds a quiet place to cast Invisibility and then sneak back in. Sam looks for Oric and asks him to show her the cloak that choked him.

Meanwhile, on The Level Plane
Valerie re-states the initial vote from The Voice of the Flock. One vote to execute.
Saint Oric looks at the sentinel and speaks. “You say this man is a tool that can be used int he defense of this town. What I’ve heard today is that he is a flawed tool. He’s a tool that is just as likely to break in the wielder’s hand. I find that this is not a tool I choose to use. I, too, sentence him to death.”

Valerie says that her vote is inconsequential, as majority rules. “Borgoth Tomboro, at sunrise tomorrow you will be executed. You will have a brief period of time later to speak with your sentinel if you wish to make any final arrangements or set your affairs in order. This court is adjourned. Praise to the gods. "

Rook goes to visit Bill in jail. He asks if there is anything he can do to help Bill get things in order. He asks Rook to just sit with him for a while asks him to deliver the letter to his family. Rook offers absolution if desired, or they can play cards or just sit there. Bill says he just wants some silence, since it seems like a thing he’ll have to get used to. They sit there in silence through the night.

Saint Oric goes to the room with the Saint Sister inside. She’s bound and is struggling to free herself. The imposter leans over and says “well, a loose end is a loose end…”

The next morning:
Vultus is waiting at The Level Plane for Bill to arrive. The large stone platforms have been removed and replaced by what appears to be an elongated bench with a gap towards one end and an indentation to lay a head in. Rook and Bill arrive with the guards escorting them. Bill is instructed to kneel down and put his head on the divot. He is asked if he has any last words. He says “*Shirel*.” and the axe swings down.

End of Session:
Oric – 1 fail xp – 1 total
Sam -1 bond xp – 1 total
Vultus -1 alignment xp – 1 total
Rook – 1 fail, 1 bond xp – 2 total
Zharko – 0 xp – 0 total



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